Documents Needed to Rent in Athens

Coming into UGA as an international student, you may be wondering what kind of documents will be needed to sign a lease with a student apartment in Athens. Make sure to give yourself adequate time to prepare these documents, even up to 4 months before beginning the hunt for your first Athens apartment near the University of Georgia. Some documents required by the apartments around here may take a while to get in your hands.

Documents Needed to Lease an Athens Apartment

  • Copy of your passport 

  • Visa for the United States

  • Fill out your I-20 form given to you by the University of Georgia

  • Social Security Number - if you have been given one

  • Evidence of a good credit history - Having a good credit score and history will make it much more likely that an apartment community will let you sign a lease. 

  • Proof of income- provide pay stubs from your parents

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