What are the best restaurants to eat at in Athens, GA?

The University of Georgia is one of the best campuses in the US. Now that you are officially enrolled and going to be living in Athens, make sure you experience all that you can. Four years may sound like a long time at first, but I promise it will fly by. Let us set you off on the right track with some of the best restaurants Athens has to offer. The Classic City has countless amazing restaurants, so be sure to do some of your own exploring, who knows you might just find your new favorite spot! Here are my picks of the absolute must try restaurants near off campus housing at UGA.

Mama's Boy

Looking for a good brunch spot? Mama's Boy is your place. UGA students love Mama's Boy with their delicious cinnabuns and pulled pork sandwiches. There is nothing not to love, and students and alumni keep coming back for more. Come by and get the Georgia peach french toast with a glass of strawberry lemonade, I promise it will not disappoint. They now have 2 locations because of their popularity, one downtown on 197 Oak Street and another near the UGA golf course at 8851 Macon Hwy.

Cali N' Titos

Almost all UGA students know about Cali N' Tito's, that's why it is always so busy. They have a 4.7 out of 5 stars on google with over two thousand reviews. If that does not scream we have amazing food I don't know what would. The authentic latin restaurant has amazing food. Burritos, quesadillas, Cuban sandwiches and so much more. My favorite dish is the fish tacos, if I go a few weeks without them I make sure to set aside time to get them again. The restaurant has a unique vibe and a must try for parents if they come up for a parents weekend. It is located at 1427 South Lumpkin Street.

Little Italy

The perfect way to end the night after leaving Sandbar or Bar South, Little Italy holds a special spot in UGA students' hearts. Little Italy is open later than any other restaurant in Athens that I know, which is great after a night on the town. The food is great as well, with pizzas, calzones, subs any Italian food that you could want, they have. My personal favorite is the stromboli, for 8.75 you get a huge stromboli packed with sausage pepperoni bacon and mozzarella cheese. It is located downtown Athens and you can't miss it with its distinct Little Italy sign and green coloring different than any other buildings around it.

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