What is Feng Shui and how can I do it in my Athens apartment?

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A well-organized living room at The Park Hillside promoting the flow of Chi through the apartment.

Keeping your Athens apartment clean is important to keeping a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes it can be difficult to tell where to start and what standards to keep for yourself. If you're spiritual, you might want to consider the Feng Shui method. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging your living space in order to promote the best flow of Chi, or life force. However, it also sets a practical standard of cleanliness for one's living space. Engaging in Feng Shui is said to bring good luck, a long life, and happiness. Even if you don't believe in Chi, observing the tenets of Feng Shui will definitely make your UGA apartment a lot more pleasant to live in.

Organizing your UGA apartment

When you're organizing your apartment according to the tenets of Feng Shui, the most important aspect to think about is how energy will flow through the room. Sometimes you'll be able to tell instinctually whether a room has poor energy flow, such as if it feels cramped or cluttered. Other times, you can use these tips to promote the flow of Chi through your home.

Keep clutter off the floor. Any clutter that is lying around in your living space can block the flow of Chi. Be sure to consistently clean stray items off your floors or countertops and put things back where they belong when you're done using them.

Arrange your furniture in the most useful way. Your furniture can also block the flow of Chi if it is arranged in a way that impedes movement. This means that if you have a chair you constantly stub your toe on, you should move it out of the way. Don't push your tables too close to the walls, and always try to make sure your furniture is positioned in such a way that you always get maximum use out of it. 

Be practical. For practitioners of Feng Shui, practicality and good Chi flow go hand in hand. Energy flows when an object can fulfill its intended purpose. If you find yourself struggling to perform chores in your home, you may want to strategize ways to optimize these areas of your apartment. For example, keep hanging bags off of door handles so they are easy to open, and don't stack stray objects on your washer or dryer.

Building Positive Energy

Another aspect of Feng Shui is building positive energy in your home. This is said to enhance productivity and help lift your mood. Decorations are a great way to build positive energy. Filling your living space with posters, pictures and signs that make you happy or energized helps to manifest that mood throughout the day. Plus, in a practical sense, why wouldn't you want your home to look amazing?

Fostering positive energy also means purging any negative energy that may be lurking in your apartment. Take a moment to look around at your environment. If there's a photo on your desk of an ex that makes you sad, a memento that reminds you of a bad memory, or even old sheets on your bed that you hate, get rid of it. Throw out anything in your apartment that makes you feel bogged down, with your UGA roommates' consent of course. Clearing out negative energy will create space for the positive energy to flow.  

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