Are there any fun museums or attractions in near my Athens apartment?

At UGA academics come first above all else, but that does not mean you can't have fun every now and then. In between your studying for your next exam, take a break and check out what the city of Athens has to offer. You only get four years here then you are spit out into the career world, make sure to have as much fun as you can while you are still here at the University of Georgia. The great thing about the college town of UGA is that there are tons of great places to visit and fun activities to do that are directed towards college students. From museums, to going to a performance at the theater, this list of some of the most fun places to go in Athens will get you off to the right start, as you get accustomed to your new apartment near UGA and classes. 

Athens Institute for Contemporary Art

Athens Institute for Contemporary art is entirely non profit, run by volunteers and is a renovated warehouse. It is located about a mile from the center of Athens and shows off local art and artists from the region. Events and shows are constantly going on just check their site to see what new and upcoming art exhibit is being presented. Workshops, panel discussions, lectures and more are done almost nonstop at the institute. Even if you are not that big into art, it is still worth checking out to learn about the amazing artists and creators that live in and around the classic city. Maybe you'll find some inspiration for artwork to hang in your future 2 bedroom apartment in Athens

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia

The garden is affiliated with UGA and has over 300 acres of trees, flowers, shrubs and more. Tropical plants from some of the world's warmest climates can be found at the botanical garden housed in a tropical conservatory house. The medical garden has plants that have been used to cure illnesses and ailments since the early days of plant based medicine. Go to the heritage garden, which has plants that were once popular, but now have been crossbred and genetically modified. It gives you a glimpse into the past which is so incredible. Wheelchair access is accommodated and has over 5 miles of hiking trails. Educational events occur frequently to get visitors to learn about gardening and the uses of plants. The  State Botanical garden is located on 2450 S Milledge Avenue and is a must see location for any UGA student. Get some inspiration for plants you can grow in apartments with balconies

Bear Hollow Zoo

Bear Hollow is different from your typical zoo, as it rescues local animals in need of help either from an injury or health problems. They provide food, shelter and vet care for the rescues. The animals are shown to the public to bring awareness to the animals that live in and around Athens. Stop by if you can, because there is no admission charged. Some of the most popular animals at the zoo are their black bear, bobcat, and river otter. If you're an animal lover, consider pet friendly apartments near UGA - just don't adopt a bobcat anytime soon! 

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