What outdoor hangout spots are near UGA campus apartments?

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Are you an adventure-seeking UGA college student located at the Athens, Georgia campus looking for a cool outdoor spot to visit with friends? Lucky for you there are many amazing parks to have some fun at with a diverse number of activities that include boating, picnicking, bicycling, and much more! Within this article, we will be diving into some of the great parks located in the university's area. If you are a student living in a UGA apartment, you should definitely check these out!

State Botanical Garden of Georgia

This park is best known for its gardens of all kinds. They have a children's garden, a Discovery and Inspiration Garden, a Flower Garden, Heritage Garden, as well as a Hummingbird Trail. Walk through the gardens with a significant other or a few friends for a calm and beautiful day amongst the flowers. Remember to take those selfies and Instagram-worthy shots of flowers. If you're looking to see some wildlife, head down the hummingbird trail to see if you can spot some native hummingbirds. Don't forget to put on some sunscreen though; that Georgia sun is hot! Located at 2450 South Milledge Ave, this park is only a short way away from the UGA Orlando campus and only a few minutes away from any Athens apartments. If you're interested, you should totally check out this amazing location!

Dudley Park

This location is only a short stroll away for UGA college students. Dudley Park has a bunch of activities for students looking for a fun day outdoors. Located at 100 Dudley Park Road, the park advertises Open fields, picnic tables, and connections to multiple trails. Stroll through the park with friends looking for local wildlife to see on the available trails. Afterward, you can get your workout while football or soccer in the open fields with your peers! If you want to take it slow, go for a calming nature walk around the park to clear your mind. This place is a must-see and is fortunately very close to the UGA Campus. If you're curious about visiting, go and explore it for yourself!

Sandy Creek Park 

This park has some fun activities for UGA students to enjoy. With its canoeing, disc golf, a horseback trail, and much more this is a great park to go to if you are looking for something new. Located at 400 Bob Holman Road, Sandy Creek Park is only a few minutes away from the off-campus apartments near UGA campus. Take your time canoeing with friends or trying out horseback riding down trails with a guide for the first time. Or play some basketball with college friends at the available courts and get your exercise in for the day. And if you're interested in playing a new sport, disc golf might be right for you. If not, there are ballfields and volleyball courts available for use as well to suit your needs. Overall, this park is a cool experience waiting to be enjoyed by any UGA college student. You should totally take a look at this park!

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