What are some spring cleaning tips to try out at my Athens apartment?

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With the fall semester right around the corner, many students have just moved into their new apartments in Athens, or renewed their old lease. If you've been living in your apartment for a while, you may find that it needs a good cleaning. Not only will this allow you to clear out the accumulation of clutter in your apartment, it's also a great way to move into the new school year with a fresh start! If you're not sure where to begin, this article will provide some tips on how to start.

Declutter your Athens apartment

If you find yourself with clutter strewn about your UGA apartment, that's the first place to start. Pick up loose items on the floor, tables, and countertops and put them back where they belong. If you don't have a place for it, put it aside to organize later. It's important not to get caught up on this step or you may never get your apartment cleaned. Organization is actually the last step in the spring cleaning process.

Some common clutter items include piles of clothes on the bedroom floor, cat and dog toys if your apartment is pet friendly, or loose items like phone chargers. Don't forget to go through every single room!

Prioritize hotspots in Athens apartments

The areas of your living space that you use most often are the areas that become messy the quickest. This may be because you leave things out, create clutter, or track in dirt and dust. In order to maximize efficiency when you're cleaning UGA apartments, focus on these "hotspot" areas. There's no need to constantly clean that one closet no one ever uses! This isn't limited to the areas that you use most; focus also on rooms frequented by guests or roommates. Some common hotspot areas to consider cleaning frequently include bedrooms and living rooms. For kitchens and private bathrooms, additional disinfecting may be required.

Organizing your Athens apartment

Once the clutter is put away and your surfaces are clean, it's time for many people's favorite part of the spring cleaning process: organization. This is the time where you bring out that bin of loose items you collected from around your apartment and decide where they go. It's important to save this step for last because it can be time-consuming and requires the most concentration. As well as this, organizing can be seen as a reward after all your hard work cleaning. A tip for having more space for clothing is to use the Marie Kondo method of folding. If you're having trouble figuring out where to keep an item during this process, consider how often you use it. If you use it every day, it's okay to leave it out for easy access. If you only use it every couple of days, or once a week, find a shelf or a bin to store it in. And if you hardly ever use it at all, either put it in the back of your closet or consider getting rid of it altogether.
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