How to get the most out of the UGA apartment community amenities?

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When first moving into a new UGA apartment, you might be overwhelmed with the amount of amenities that they offer. Apartment complexes are some of the best places to live when attending the University of Georgia because they pretty much have everything that you could ever need within walking distance. The convenience of an apartment near UGA over a dorm is superior. Yeah, living on campus has its perks too, but in off-campus student apartments, you can host as many people as you want, have your bathroom and bedroom, and even get to cook in a private kitchen.

Get Up and Explore Your New UGA Apartment

One of the first things I always recommend to new students living in a UGA apartment for the first time is to get up and walk around. Sometimes when you sign a new lease, they offer free perks and experiences for signing up to do an apartment tour. This could give you a guided look into everything the apartment has to offer.

Granted, it's always more fun when you do a self-guided tour because you get a more personalized look into what the apartment amenities look like behind the scenes. Also, if you got an apartment with roommate-matching, chances are you and your roommates both need to figure out where every amenity is on the complex. This could be a great opportunity for an introduction and bonding moment between the two of you.

Ask the Front Desk About What They Offer Residents

If you've taken a walk around and think you've seen everything available to you, you might be missing some of the less obvious amenities offered at an apartment near UGA. The best practice for this is to look on the apartment complex's website for a list of amenities or ask an assistant behind the advising office front desk about how everything works.

Some common amenities include fitness centers, study rooms, a swimming pool, vending machines, mailboxes, and much more!

Participate in Free Events at Apartments Near UGA

If the apartment complex wants to engage with residents more often, they tend to host small pop-ups and events for their residents. This can be a great way for the apartments near UGA to get residents to spend time in the main common spaces and show their appreciation for you living there.

Depending on how expensive your apartment is, they might be able to afford more resident gifts and appreciation days, which is always a nice thing to look forward to. The best way to hear about these events is either by visiting the front office often or monitoring their social media accounts. Social media is a great tool you can use to not only monitor special resident events but also contact your apartment directly for a problem or concern you are having related to the complex.

Some apartment complexes don't offer events for their residents but that doesn't mean you can be an agent of change. Bringing up the idea of hosting resident events at any UGA apartment can start the process along and open them up to the idea for future events.

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