How do I get Student UGA football tickets?

Getting into the University of Georgia is an exciting time. UGA is one of the best schools in the country with many prestigious schools of focus, and a top college football program. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to see the Dawgs play live in Sanford Stadium. There is nothing like being in the student section of a close game. Surrounded by your peers cheering for the Bulldogs is a surreal experience that all UGA students should experience. Just getting into UGA you may be wondering; how do I get student football tickets? Do not worry we have a simple guide to make sure you sign up in time to hopefully receive some. Check out Apartments for Athens to find student housing walking distance to Sanford Stadium.

Requirements For Ordering UGA Tickets

In order to be eligible to receive tickets you must be a full-time student which consists of a minimum of 12 hours. All UGA students receive an email from the Athletic Association when it is time to sign up. The email will be sent to your new UGA email address. In order to receive this email, you must have registered for classes by August 23rd. If you are not a full-time student, it does not mean it is impossible for you to possibly get some tickets to some home games. At the beginning of the season part time students can request to be opted into the donation pool for home games. Usually so many students request tickets for the season that demand exceeds supply. UGA decided to deal with this issue by giving partial season ticket packages issued through a lottery system based on priority. If you receive tickets to a game and you are unable to go for whatever reason, make sure to donate your ticket, because if you get a ticket and do not go you get a strike and will never be able to request tickets to a game again if you get 2. Your tickets will be emailed to your UGA email and will be available to add to your smartphone wallet for easy access on game day.

Registration Day for UGA Students

Home Season and away student tickets registration starts on August 15th and ends August 24th at noon. This is a short period, so make sure to be watching your email daily to not miss the opportunity to request tickets. When you are requesting tickets, you are required to put in credit card information. You will only be charged 10 dollars for each home game that you receive, not for the games you do not get tickets for. Away Game tickets are on the same application, however they are more expensive. Graduate and professional students get 10% of the total away game tickets, so if you are at UGA getting a doctorate or a master's degree you have a higher chance of getting these tickets compared to undergraduate students.

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