How does Apartments for Athens keep their apartment listings up to date?

With apartment listing all around Athens and a customizable search function, Apartments for Athens maintains easily accessible, up-to-date, and pin-point accurate information on apartments for students and graduates of the University of Georgia. But with so many different apartments on the site, how do all these listings stay current?

In order to achieve the highest possible accuracy, our team is dedicated to developing close ties with each of the communities listed on our site. With help and training from our team, the staff at each property can log into and manually update pricing, availability, photos, descriptions, and special deals. We work together with each leasing team to create an individualized plan for updating their listing. This means that our renters have access to information that is updated in real time.

Direct Updates from Athens Apartment Communities

In addition to manual updates, about half of our Athens apartment listings are maintained automatically through integration with each community's property management system daily. This means that all the information on our website, including price, floor plan availability, and photos, are synced up with the community's information, and our listings will perfectly match up to the information on the apartment's own website. Accurate, timely information is a must-have for Apartments for Athens; students can rest assured that they'll never waste time researching their perfect Athens apartment only to find out that it's not available, or that it's no longer in their price range. We strive to cut the confusion out of the apartment search process in order to make your search as convenient as possible, whether you're looking for cheap or luxury Athens apartments.

Staying in Contact with our Apartments

We don't just leave listings in the hands of each property. Every month, our team is on the phone with our communities, managing our information and staying up to date on rates and specials. Many communities have their pricing and deals on a monthly schedule, so this frequency is designed to ensure that we hear about these updates as soon as they come out. For the apartments that are not integrated with manual updates, this means we are the first to receive the updated information. Our diligence means that often, our listings are more current than the apartments' own websites!

Content Review

Our team also performs an annual review of all the listing content and photos on the site. Each community description, amenity list, and floor plan features list are thoughtfully written by an expert member of our team. During these yearly reviews, we check the content to ensure that it accurately reflects the experience of living in that community. We can also update information or add details if the property has been renovated, has gained new amenities, or has undergone a change in management.

Every time you visit, you're visiting a website that is being diligently tended to both by our staff and the staff at each community. We are constantly working closely with properties to ensure the best experience for both our partners and our renters.

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