What are the best vegan/vegetarian-friendly restaurants near my Athens apartment?

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Whether you're vegan or vegetarian, you probably know how difficult it can be to find good restaurants that fit within your diet. Although most restaurants offer vegan and vegetarian options these days, unfortunately, sometimes the food just isn't very good. If you are looking to find quality and high-rated restaurants in Athens that are friendly to your non-meat or non-dairy diet, then keep reading. I've gathered some of the best vegan/vegetarian-friendly restaurants you can find near your Athens apartment!


Known as a "healthy comfort food" restaurant, Maepole is a lunch and dinner restaurant that serves a diverse menu of healthy foods–many of which are vegan and vegetarian-friendly. Many customers at Maepole will choose to build their own plate, which includes a base, two sides, a protein (tofu is an option), and one of their delicious sauces as a dressing.

Tai Chi Bubble Tea

Located only a few steps from the Arch, Tai Chi Bubble Tea is a great option for a quick meal that is both vegan and vegetarian-friendly. They offer a wide assortment of bubble teas, including milk and fruit teas. The great thing is most boba options are plant-based and completely safe for vegans! In addition, you can also build your own poke bowl of plant-based options, including tofu as the protein base. Ramen and sushi burritos are also offered at Tai Chi, and they are worth trying!

Taste of India

Serving Athens since 2005, Taste of India is a restaurant that serves a variety of authentic and delicious Indian food. They have their own vegan/vegetarian menu that is available upon request, and it includes allo gobhi, vegetable mango, malai kofta, and more!

Gyro Wrap

Located in Downtown Athens, gyro wrap is a delicious lunch option for vegans and vegetarians alike. Choose from a variety of their popular pita wraps, including the falafel or veggie & cheese wrap. In addition, Gyro Wrap also offers tortilla wraps, salads, hummus, and their signature "kurly fries."

Insomnia Cookies

If you're looking for a tasty dessert option near your UGA off-campus housing, you might want to consider Insomnia Cookies. In theme with their name, Insomnia Cookies is a great late-night dessert option that serves an assortment of cookies and ice cream–including a few vegan cookie options. They also offer delivery. Treat yourself to a well-earned dessert after a hard week!

Ben & Jerry's

Another great dessert option for vegans and vegetarians in Athens is none other than Ben & Jerry's. In addition to their already wide selection of ice cream flavors, Ben & Jerry's also offers a variety of tasty non-dairy ice cream options. There's no reason to let a non-dairy diet stop you from relishing in the joys of ice cream!

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