What should I do on a UGA football Saturday?

After winning the 2021 National Championship, we can safely say UGA is a football school. As a UGA student, you should try to experience a UGA football game at some point during your college career. The first step is getting the tickets. Once you have a ticket, try to find a group of friends that got the same game ticket as well. UGA games are always more fun with friends!


If you live on or near campus, you have one of the hardest parts about gameday already completed. Getting on campus and finding a place to park can be a little difficult for students in off-campus housing depending on how big the game is. Lots of parking spots and decks are reserved for people who have tailgate passes or season tickets. East campus, however, has free parking at the intermural fields with a bus that takes you to the stadium. You can also park in the East Campus deck for about $20. A good thing about parking in east campus is that it is typically easier to get out traffic-wise, and you are right next to Inner Loop 10. You'll be able to find other lots downtown and around campus that typically charge $20- $50 for a spot.

Student Gates

If you have a student ticket, you will be sitting in the student sections, which are all general admission. This means you have no assigned seat. Typically, you will want to sit near the Redcoat band or under the scoreboard. Each section has a gate assigned to it, so make sure you are looking up which gate to come in for the section you want to sit in. Overflow student seating is the next level above the redcoat band area and still has a great view of the field. For an important rival game, like UTK vs UGA or the Auburn game, you can expect people to line up several hours before kickoff to get good seats. Once those first sections are filled up, students are sent to the overflow 200-level student section. The student section leads a lot of chants, so be sure to read up on UGA traditions so you can join in!

UGA Tailgates

Lots of tailgating happens each home game, and you should try to partake in the fun! People usually must pay for tailgate spots, but it can also be first come first serve. Sometimes Greek organizations will have tailgates that you can pay for a ticket to, which can include access to food and beverages. Usually, you just need to ask around to see if you can get access to any tailgates. If you are going to be on campus several hours before the game, just remember to drink water, especially before hot games. The student sections are on the visiting team's side, so you typically will be sitting in the sun for a while.

Watching on TV

However, if you don't have a ticket to the game, you can still have fun watching it from your UGA apartment! Invite some friends over, make some food, and enjoy. 

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