What do UGA students do for fun?

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The Lodge of Athens
Many student housing communities near UGA offer amenities in their clubhouse that students visit for fun.

Game day pictureThe University of Georgia is one of the best universities in the southeast and the whole US. Ranking 48th of all National Universities in academics, dawgs care a lot about their schooling. Dawgs dedicate a lot of time to studying for their classes, but they still make time to have fun. The definition of a lot of Dawgs' spirit is to work hard and play hard. Whether it is meeting some friends downtown on a Friday or Saturday night or going to Sanford Stadium for a UGA game day there are countless activities to do in your freetime. You only get four years, so make sure to have some fun along with your studies while you're living in apartments near UGA.

UGA Gamedays

National Champions in 2021, need I say more? The University of Georgia has a top SEC football program making our games unforgettable. On Gameday you better be decked out in red and black because dawgs do not play when it comes to game days. Everyone and their parents at UGA come together for tailgates and the games. Tailgates are all over the city, parents included, so make sure they come to a game or two! Many students go to the bars where every tv will have the game on and you will hear the cheers from Sanford Stadium when you are heading down East Broad Street. Once you get into UGA be sure to check your UGA email a lot because an email will go out about getting tickets to attend the games. Freshman have priority for all home games, but still sign up in order to at least get 1 or 2. It is an unforgettable experience to be sitting in the student section of a Bulldog football game with your fellow dawgs surrounding you and cheering. You better get used to the chant, " GO DAWGS SIC ‘EM WOOF WOOF WOOF". 

Downtown Athens

The University of Georgia's downtown is ranked 16 in the entire nation. Whether you like going out for the nightlife or trying a bunch of amazing restaurants there is something for everyone. If you like going out downtown Athens will not disappoint. You will find the bar you like guaranteed. Athens has the most bars per capita of any college down in the US. If you are into a nightclub kind of vibe 1785 and Warehouse are for you. If big crowds and concert type music isn't your thing Athens has smaller bars like World Famous and 90s. You want a mid size bar to hang out with your friends, check out City Bar or Flanagans. Sandbar has a theme like you're on a beach and has three floors, and Cutters is pirate themed if you're looking for a unique vibe. Whatever type of environment you are looking for, just walk around to find something you like.

Athens Restaurants

Athens has almost unlimited restaurants of all types of food. If you are into trying new cuisines, you are definitely at the right college, enjoy exploring everything UGA's college town has to offer. Depending on the food you are looking for there are amazing places that are a must try. If you are into Sushi and Raman, definitely stop by Jinya and Utage. You crave a juicy burger, try Clocked on West Washington or Grindhouse on South Lumpkin. If you are into Latin foods, definitely stop by Cali N Titos on South Lumpkin, it might become your favorite restaurant. Ever thought about what would happen if Asian and Mexican food came together, wonder no more stop by Taqueria Tsunami to have some of the best fusion food I have ever had. For a sweet treat come by Insomnia Cookies, they close at 3 am making them a perfect late night treat. Athens downtown is full of local restaurants and amazing food for everyone, expand your taste buds!

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