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Digital Marketing Intern

Miya Grant

Miya Grant is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Georgia, majoring in advertising with a minor in fashion merchandising. Growing up, Miya always had an expressed interest in all things creative–whether it was fine art or writing—in addition to a restless urge to acquire knowledge through education and personal experiences. This is what essentially led Miya towards the communications path, where she could nurture both aspects of her personality by utilizing both her creative and analytical skills throughout her work. In the future, Miya hopes to incorporate the communications skills she obtains from her education into a career in the fashion industry, as the history of fashion and how it operates today greatly interests her. She has also been involved in Rouge Magazine–a student-run fashion and beauty publication at UGA–as a communications and PR coordinator, and has helped plan the magazine's release party.

Miya comes from a large, multicultural, Afro-Caribbean family and is a first-generation college student hoping to open more doors for those like her. Some of Miya's hobbies and interests include reading, watching movies, and journaling. She also has a strong desire to travel abroad, learn different languages, and experience life through the lens of others. Some of Miya's current dream places she wants to travel to are the UK, France, Italy, Japan, and Barbados–where half of her family is from.

When Miya thinks of her dream apartment or space, she doesn't think of a particular city. She just hopes to have a place that she can decorate to express herself and live comfortably in. She is a firm believer in the importance of having a space that is representative of yourself and that is why she has always made an effort to decorate her college dorm rooms to her liking. In addition, Miya has also always wanted a pet and hopes to own one someday, so an apartment that allows for that would be essential.