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Digital Marketing Intern

Tori Robison

Tori Robison is currently a junior at the University of Georgia where she is studying marketing in the Terry College of Business. Tori's hometown is Chattanooga, Tennessee, but she decided to move to Georgia because of their elite business school. She always knew she wanted to pursue a career in business, but her passion for marketing developed her senior year of high school, where she was VP of Marketing for her club, Virtual Enterprise. She loved the creativity of marketing and how it allowed her to really think creatively.

Tori was exposed to digital marketing when she had to create an online presence for her Girl Scout Gold Award, named The Leadership Project. She met multiple women leaders in her community for the project and helped spread their knowledge on Instagram and through her YouTube channel. In her sophomore year of college, Tori was the fundraising chair for her honors organization where she was able to plan events and then generate traffic for those events through social media.

Tori's hobbies include reading, traveling, cooking, and eating! The Harry Potter series started her love for reading in third grade, and since then she has read hundreds of books. She believes her love for reading has contributed to her love of writing, but also her creativity. Her love of travel came from her parents taking her on trips. Some of her most exciting adventures include Italy, Canada, Spain, and China! She believes that her love of travel has also led to her love of food from all cultures. She feels lucky that Athens has such diverse cuisines and enjoys trying out new restaurants on the weekends.

During the week, Tori mostly cooks at home, which is why having a nice, updated kitchen was number one on her apartment search list. Also on her list was pet friendly apartments, because she wanted to bring her cat, Loki, with her. Her favorite part about her college apartment is that it has a great balcony, where she and her cat can sit and enjoy summer sunsets.