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Best UGA Off Campus Housing | Athens, GA

Are you unsure of where to start your search for University of Georgia off campus housing? While this process can be a lot to take in, we’re here to help you find a home that you love. There are plenty of options to choose from, so it is important that you consider a few different variables when narrowing them down. Here’s our top five factors to take into consideration for your off campus housing search. ApartmentsforAthens makes it easy to navigate the best off campus housing near UGA with search filters for everything you care about.

Budgeting for UGA Off Campus Apartments

Step one when making a large purchase like renting off campus housing near UGA, is to create a budget. Athens is home to a variety of different apartment communities that fall into a large range of price points. Make sure the apartment that you choose is comfortably within your budget. You want to have money left over for other expenses, an emergency fund, and for fun purchases. With off campus Athens housing, most are not inclusive to all the expenses you will occur. Remember that outside of your rent, there is still water, electricity, internet, streaming services, trash removal, and more to pay for. Be sure to ask the leasing team of an apartment you’re interested in what is included in rent as you’re getting closer to signing a lease.

Best Off Campus Athens Floor Plans

UGA off campus housing gives you the options to choose from studio floor plans all the way up to five bedroom apartments. What floor plan you choose should be determined by the kind of lifestyle you prefer. Many UGA students love to be social and live in a lively four bedroom apartment where their friends are right down the hallway. Other students prefer having a quiet, zen energy to their living space to focus on their studies and chill out after a long day of class. If this is your preference, you should look into a studio or one bedroom apartment. If you like a little of both, check out a two bedroom apartment for the perfect in between. At the end of the day, the best off campus UGA floor plan for you is based on what you like!

Roommates in UGA Off Campus Housing 

Another factor that can affect your Athens off campus apartment experience is who you choose to live with. The options are typically to choose your own roommate, rely on roommate matching, or roll the dice and try a random roommate. If you’ve already got a group of friends you’re excited to live with, then you may even benefit from apartment deals for filling an entire unit. If you’re looking for someone you’re familiar with, but not your best friend, try checking out a Facebook group for your specific graduating class or the UGA/Athens Lease, Subleases, Roommates, Off Campus Housing & Apartments page. Choosing an apartment with roommate matching can also be a life saver. You’ll be matched with a someone based on an application full of lifestyle habits like your typical hours.

Proximity to UGA Campus

Location can be HUGE. Athens has off campus housing all throughout the city, with some being a short walk from campus and others requiring a commute. If you’re a biker or just prefer to get to class on foot, living in housing near UGA campus is your best option. Typically, if you are closer to campus in an apartment near Tate Student center or Sanford Stadium, you will pay a premium for your locaation. If being beside campus is not a priority, no worries, Athens off campus housing is serviced by a UGA or city of Athens bus route. Maybe you’re looking for the true Athens experience and want an apartment that is near Downtown or SR 10 loop to travel around quickly. Be sure to check your UGA off campus housing community’s proximity to local restaurants, grocery stores, and entertainment.

Amenities in Off Campus Housing near UGA

After you’ve looked at factors like location and price, then the fun part is checking out your UGA off campus housing amenities. If you’ve had your fill of dragging your laundry to a mat in the dorms, limit your search to apartments with in-unit washer and dryers. If you’re looking for a community that’s a fun spot to hang with friends on the weekend, look for housing with a swimming pool or an apartment with a basketball court. If you’re bringing your furry friend with you to UGA, check out places with a dog park. ApartmentsforAthens makes it simple filter your search to off campus housing near UGA that check off all the amenities on your list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are UGA freshman required to live on campus?

Yes, University of Georgia freshman are required to live on-campus their first year. UGA recommends registering for housing as soon as possible after deciding to become a Dawg, as spots fill up quickly and students may not have many choices left the longer they wait.

What is the difference between UGA on-campus and off-campus housing?

UGA on-campus and off-campus housing offer extremely different living situations, but the biggest difference is the amount of private living space. In on-campus housing, students live in dormitories and share a bedroom with a roommate, as well as a community bathroom, kitchen, and common area with a hall of students. On the other end, off-campus housing allows students to have their own private bedroom and bathroom while sharing a kitchen and living room with typically 1-4 other roommates.

What are the benefits of living in off-campus housing near UGA?

UGA off-campus housing offers tons of benefits to Dawgs. For starters, you have more privacy and lenient rules in off-campus housing compared to dormitories. Students have a space to decorate, relax, and study all to themselves. Dawgs also enjoy the option to bring along a furry friend, as many off-campus housing communities are pet-friendly. Other off-campus housing perks include access to awesome community amenities, as well as a more spacious and fully equipped kitchen.

How do I find roommates in off-campus UGA housing?

Most off-campus housing communities near UGA offer roommate matching if you don't have roommates in mind (if you do have roommates in mind, be sure to tell the leasing office)! Roommate matching is simple and effective. Students fill out a section on their application filled with lifestyle questions such as how often you have friends over, what temperature you prefer to keep the thermostat on, and if you're a night owl or morning person to name a few. Off-campus housing communities then match up roommates based on their answers and whom they think would get along. Many Dawgs end up finding lifetime friends through roommate matching!

Are UGA off-campus apartments furnished?

Most off-campus housing communities near the University of Georgia offer fully furnished apartments. This convenient perk sometimes even comes included in the monthly rental rate. Residents are typically provided with a bed, desk, and dresser in their bedrooms and a couch, coffee table, and dining room table in the common area. Some off-campus housing communities even include more exciting furniture items like TVs in the common areas!

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