Four Bedroom Apartments | Athens, GA

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Four Bedroom Apartments | Athens, GA

4 Bedrooms

Moving to the UGA area is an exciting time. It entails meeting tons of new people and in one of the best college towns in the US, students are sure to have an unforgettable experience. Almost all of the four bedroom apartments near the UGA campus are rented by students. Unlike traditional apartments, the rooms are paid for by each student, not the unit as a whole. Apartments near the University of Georgia campus tend to be much higher priced than living further away from campus, but the luxury of being close to downtown Athens and your classes is hard to pass up. Living with more roommates is a good way to bring down the prices, having 4 to 5 roommates brings down the prices of a downtown property like the Mark or the Standard by a good margin. Regardless of if you are looking for a 4 bedroom apartment near the university of Georgia, or a four bedroom in the surrounding Athens area there are a wide range of options.

Finding Roommates in 4 Bedroom UGA Apartments

Most students looking for a 4 bedroom apartment in Athens do not know who all of their roommates will be. This is not a bad thing! Having random roommates is a great way to get comfortable with a new group of people, who will do activities with and discover this new place you all share. There are websites like Roomsurf that have over six thousand students looking for potential roommates in Athens. Find some roommates with similar hobbies, if you and your roommates participate in similar activities and pastimes you are bound to become good friends.

Tips for Living in 4 Bedroom Apartments

Coming from home and into an apartment with 3 other individuals who do not know each other's living habits can be stressful. It is easier to discuss issues with people with a small group of individuals, however four people can make it more difficult. Start with an initial discussion on each other's personalities and living habits, along with daily routines and lifestyle information that has influence over the living arrangement. Having these discussions early on prevents future problems and conflict that could arise. Living with four people you have never lived with before means there will be times when disagreements and conflict come up, just remember compromise is ideal in order to maintain a stable living situation in four bedroom apartments near UGA. A tip for managing amenities between roommates is to look for 4 bedroom apartments near the University of Georgia that have utilities like water and power included in the rent. This prevents the hassle of having to split up the monthly bill and dividing up how much each student owes.

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