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Best Apartments | Athens, GA

Best Apartments

When looking for the best apartments in Athens, be aware that they may not be the best for you. When looking for an apartment, you should think about the location and amenities that are right for you. Maybe living near the University of Georgia isn't that important to you, so you don't need to fight over apartments downtown! When you start looking for your apartment, your three main categories should be location, style of apartment, and amenities. Think about what you want from each category, so you don't spend time looking at Athens apartments that won't work for you in the end.


Location, location, location. Students and people, in general, hear this all the time when looking for somewhere to live, and that's because it is important. Most UGA students think the best off-campus housing near UGA is downtown, on Milledge, or near Five Points, because they are all close to campus. However, maybe you would rather be closer to your part-time job, or your favorite restaurant! That's why you should take some time to look at a map of Athens, and plot all your apartment choices or favorite areas in Athens.

Style of Apartment

In Athens, there are many different styles of apartments. You have tall buildings downtown with studio apartments, townhouse styles on Milledge, cottage styles, and more! That's why you want to have your roommate situation figured out before you start looking for your UGA apartment. Each style has pros and cons, and it depends on what you want! If you enjoy your peace and quiet, consider a one or two bedroom. But if you would rather live with a friend group, there are UGA housingthat go all the way to five bedrooms. Style can heavily influence the price of rent, so keep that in mind as well.


Lots of Athens apartment communities have worked on expanding their amenities to attract more UGA students. Some of the more basic amenities include an in-unit washer and dryer and can go all the way to resort-style pools. When looking at apartments, make a list of amenities you would like included in your apartment. You can find a list of amenities on our website if you are not quite sure what that could include in Athens. Most apartments marketed to UGA students nowadays will have a pool to beat the Athens summer heat, as well as outdoor spaces to enjoy spring days. Shuttles or buses to UGA are also a big amenity, as it can be hard to get a parking permit on campus.

What are the best apartments in Athens?

The best apartments in Athens aren't the same to everyone. Each UGA student is looking for specific things in their apartment, which means that the "best" might be different for everyone. Try writing a list of the things that are most important to you, starting with budget, apartment size, and location. Then sort and filter to find your personal best apartment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best areas in Athens to rent an apartment?

There are many different areas of Athens perfect for every lifestyle! Keep in mind that "best" is in the eye of the beholder, and the best area of Athens to call home will be different for everyone. As you search for the best apartments in Athens, consider commute times to work or school and dining, shopping, and entertainment options in each area you look at. If you're a student at the University of Georgia, consider looking for apartments near your specific college or landmarks you frequent, such as the UGA Law School or UGA Sorority Row.

What are the best amenities to look for in Athens apartments?

The best Athens apartments offer many awesome amenities, from fitness centers for gym junkies to study rooms for students wanting a designated quiet study spot to swimming pools for the perfect spot to enjoy Athens weather. When considering what amenities are must-haves for you, be sure to remember practical amenities too, such as a parking garage.

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