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Apartments near North Campus | The University of Georgia

North Campus

The University of Georgia is known for having one of the most beautiful campuses. This is nowhere truer than UGA's historic North Campus. Having an apartment near North Campus can hardly be beat. First walk down Broad Street and come up upon the iconic entrance into North campus the Arch. Almost 160 years old, the cast iron arch has become a symbol of the University of Georgia. The Arch has stood proud since the day it was put up in the 1850s. The Arches were structured after the Seal of the State of Georgia, but people now say they represent the three principles of wisdom, justice, and moderation. UGA students all know about the superstition that if you walk under the arches as an undergraduate student, you will not graduate on time. Watch your step Dawgs!

About UGA's North Campus

You walk onto UGA's North campus after going through the Arches located near your Downtown off campus apartment and you are met with a scenic sight. Historic buildings mixed in with state-of-the-art facilities, UGA manages to hold onto its roots, while also making necessary changes to stay a top University in the US. Keeping the historical character of the campus is very important to the University of Georgia. There are many well-kept historical buildings that remain including, the Chapel, New College, Park Hall and the President's office. One of the historic buildings you will see soon after going under the arch is the Holmes-Hunter Academic building. The building is well maintained and named after UGA's first African American students. Another historic part of UGA's North campus is Herty Field. It now has a building and a water fountain, but at one point it was the first athletic field for UGA. Before Sanford stadium there was Herty Field where we beat Mercer in 1892 50 to 0. One of the newer buildings in comparison to the historic buildings is the Ilah Dunlap Little Memorial Library. Built in 1952 it stands as a library holding more than 4.6 million volumes.

Most of North Campus' buildings are miscellaneous, including the Holmes-Hunter Academic building, the Honors College Building, and more administrative offices. The most popular buildings on North Campus for the students are the library and the law school. The English building, Park Hall, is also on the very edge of North Campus. Even if you have more classes on central campus, North Campus is a great place to walk through.

Having an Apartment near North Campus

Since North Campus is so close to downtown Athens, there are lots of options for apartments if you want to live close by. Apartments near W Broad Street are as close as you can get, with travel time to class ranging from a five-minute drive to a two-minute walk. Broad Street in general is incredibly long and goes through the width of downtown, which is why it is broken into West Broad and East Broad. This street also eventually runs into Atlanta Highway and Epps Bridge, so it is a great location. Because of this, apartments on this road tend to be more expensive and high-rise. There are also lots of great restaurants on this street, like Mother Pho, The Place, and Jinya. If you need a place to study, there are also lots of coffee shops on this street only a few minutes' walk from some of the high-rise communities. UGA apartments near Clayton Street are also a great option to be close to UGA's North Campus. This street is right next to Broad, so it also has a short travel time to campus. While Clayton Street is known more for its boutique stores like Pitaya, Onward Reserve, and several UGA apparel stores, it also offers more. Athens favorites like Pauley's Crepe Bar, The Last Resort, and Insomnia Cookies are on Clayton Street. Same as W Broad, there are lots of high-rise apartments above the stores on this street, while these communities are typically older than the W Broad developments. 

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