Apartments with Patios and Balconies in Athens, GA

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Apartments with Patios and Balconies in Athens, GA

Patios and Balconies

If you love an indoor/outdoor space, you're in luck; many apartments near the University of Georgia come with patios and balconies. Patios and balconies are a rather underrated apartment feature as it tends to be something that people overlook in favor of other features that they deem more important. However, there are many added benefits that can come with apartments with patios and balconies in Athens.

Benefits of Apartments with Patios and Balconies Near UGA

One of the main benefits that come with apartments with balconies is that you get outdoor access with the added benefit of privacy. Spending a long day studying in your apartment and feeling like you need some fresh air? You have quick access to some fresh air and vitamin D without even having to open your front door. Do you want to get a tan but don't feel like driving anywhere? You can easily sit outside on your own patio and tan in your own privacy. You haven't gotten dressed yet and want to quickly check the weather? Having a patio is great for that!

Another great benefit of having a patio in your apartment is the view. You might be able to see the sun rise or set depending on where your balcony is located. A good tip when apartment hunting is to use the compass on your phone, stand on the patio, and see which direction the compass points in. If its pointing west, then you'll be able to see the sunset, and if its pointing east, then you'll get to see the sunrise (if you're up early enough). In addition, you can really take advantage of your patio and balcony and place a small table and chair out there. Now you can enjoy meals outside, which can be great benefit when its warm out—as it often is in Athens.

How to Decorate Your Patio and Balcony in Your Apartment

Apartments with patios are a great way to get into growing plants, if you haven't already. You can start a small garden and liven up your balcony. Perfect your green thumb by growing flowers, produce, or herbs and make your patio stand out amongst the others. A lot of college students also like to hang flags or tapestries from their balcony. If it's okay with your landlord, you can hang up a flag representing UGA or your favorite sports team. Some people even like to make theirs humorous and hang flags with their favorite celebrities on it. Lastly, investing a some nice lounge chairs and a small table can be worth it if you know you'll be spending a lot of time on your patio, and it also makes the space look nicer and well put-together.


Having an apartment with a patio and balcony is an amazing feature that should not be overlooked when conducting your apartment search. There's something about being able to eat your meals or read as the sun sets—while being in the privacy of your own home--that can be a great benefit for a busy college student. If you're interested, you can even find some UGA studio apartment options that offer patios/balconies on our website!

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