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Apartments with Roommate Matching in Athens, GA

Roommate Matching Available

So you're a student at the University of Georgia looking for your first off-campus apartment but don't think a one-bedroom or studio apartment fits into your budget—meaning you'll need to have at least one roommate. And you can't find anyone to room with? Oh no! With the abundance of bad roommate horror stories out there, the idea of a random roommate can be quite anxiety-inducing. After all, not getting along with the people you live with can make a drastic difference in your happiness and comfortability while living in an apartment. Fortunately, there are multiple apartments with roommate matching in Athens, and they usually offer these services for free!

Why You Should Consider Apartments with Roommate Matching Near UGA

Apartments with roommate matching near UGA can be very beneficial for someone looking for off-campus housing alone. Roommate matching usually consists of tenants filling out some sort of questionnaire that asks personal questions, and the answers to the questions are used to match the tenant to other tenants that they have high compatibility with. The ability to use an organized service like this can help alleviate some of the uncertainty that comes with getting a random roommate, especially if you are in a two bedroom apartment. In addition, a lot of these apartments will try to respond to your needs if an issue arises between you and your roommates—and they may even switch residents around to accommodate them; this is typically not something you'd find in an apartment without roommate matching. The alternative option to an apartment with roommate matching is to find a roommate online, and while there are some specific websites and online Facebook groups dedicated to this, you're definitely still running a risk. It also may be harder to filter through everyone and find the best match for you without an organized process.

How to Get Along With Roommates You Don't Know

One of the first things that should be established in your introduction to your roommates is your boundaries and living preferences. Having a cordial discussion about noise, lights, cleanliness, temperature, etc., and acknowledging what everyone is expecting can prevent a lot of potential misunderstandings or issues in the future. When going into living with others--especially people you don't know--its important to be empathetic. Being able to understand different perspectives can also save yourself from a lot of drama. However, in the event that there is drama, it should be approached in a civil and mature way. Refrain from yelling or insulting each other and respectfully listen to what everyone has to say. And if needed, many Athens apartments with roommate matching will have a third party that you can contact to help settle any conflicts.


Its not necessary for you to become best friends with your roommate(s), but getting along with them is essential if you're going to be living in close quarters for a prolonged period of time. With roommate matching, however, there's a chance that you'll have a lot in common with your roommate(s), which could result in some new friends.

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