Apartments near Sanford Stadium in Athens, GA

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Apartments near Sanford Stadium in Athens, GA

Sanford Stadium

Sanford Stadium is a forever iconic symbol of dawg tradition. With 92,746 seats, it is the 10th largest stadium in the NCAA. Sometimes refer to it as college football's most beautiful on campus stadium with its rolling hills in the background. It has stood as a symbol for almost a century holding unforgettable games where legends were made. If you're a football fan, having an apartment near Sanford Stadium is a must! Games are said to be played between two hedges because of the privet hedges which have surrounded the field since its opening in 1929. Sanford has been expanded many times to fit the growing number of fans, as the Dawg Nation grows.

Reasons To Live in an Apartment near Sanford Stadium

  • Everyone will want to come over on Gamedays. Gather all your friends to get ready for tailgating with snacks and drinks. An apartment near Sanford Stadium is the place to be!
  • Avoid the hassle of parking and clogged up traffic when you have an apartment within walking distance of Sanford Stadium. Thousands of people flood Athens for home games, so getting around is more challenging.
  • When football season is over having an apartment close to Sanford Stadium is perfect for the athletically inclined. Run stadiums and sweat it out in the perfect outdoor workout area.

History of Sanford Stadium

The stadium is named after Dr. Steadman Sanford. He started at UGA as an English professor in 1903. He then became a representative of the athletics committee and finally the president of the University, as well as the Chancellor of the entire University system in Georgia. Sanford Stadium was named after him because of his decision to move Herty field to the center of UGA campus. In the early days the field could only hold 30,000, which was too small to hold a crowd for big games. Georgia Tech was a bitter rival at the time and whenever UGA played them the game would have to be played at Georgia Tech's field in Atlanta because it fit a bigger crowd. Dr. Sanford's last straw was when UGA's team of 1927 was undefeated 9-0 went to play against Georgia Tech's field and lost 12-0. Allegations arose of Tech watering the field all night long to make UGA's running backs slower. Dr. Sanford said that UGA needed to build a stadium bigger than Tech and switch off with Georgia Tech each year on where the game was held. The Stadium's location was chosen on the natural valley between North Campus and Science Campus to the south. Want to be close to history being made? Search for Sanford Stadium apartments and have the best location for gameday.

Facts about Sanford Stadium

  • The Stadium was constructed in a valley, so because of this there is an uphill walk in any direction you go leaving the stadium. Students and fans know all about this walk in the heavy Athens heat.
  • The 1996 Summer Olympics soccer Olympic games were held in Sanford Stadium. The current hedges you see in the field now were planted after the old ones had to be removed to have the field big enough for the games to be legal. This was very controversial, and it was found out that three years prior cuttings were taken from the hedges and grown at a secret site to replace the hedges after the games were over.
  • The original "Skybox" for Sanford Stadium was a luxury office railcar that overlooked the endzone. It would sit on the tracks outside and was for the executives of the Central of Georgia Railway Co. The company president's luxury railcar sat in a spot that gave a perfect view of the game. Food and drink were served in China to the executives and their guests making it the first skybox of Sanford's history.
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