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Student Apartments in Athens, GA

Student Apartments

What are student apartments? Student apartments are off-campus apartments in Athens that are not directly affiliated with the University of Georgia. Student apartments function to accommodate college students and typically rent by-the-bed instead of renting the whole apartment. Due to the benefits, student apartments in Athens are definitely an attractive option for any students looking for UGA off-campus housing—meaning there is competition.

Benefits That Come with Athens Student Apartments

The best thing about student apartments is that they essentially function to cater to you. Many student apartments near UGA offer by-the-bed leasing plans, which means you'll have a separate lease and rent from your roommates that only you are responsible for keeping up with. This is great for college students as you won't have to stress about getting kicked out if one of your roommates fails to pay rent. In addition, many student apartments have amenities that students will find particularly appealing—like study rooms, pools, and gyms—and some even have buses that take residents to campus. Many student apartments also have roommate matching services—which can make the process of finding a roommate a lot easier for you. Another benefit to living in a student apartment is that you would be living in a community of many other UGA students, which is great if you want to meet more people and make friends. Because of this, student apartments are also a great option for international students at UGA. Furthermore, some of these apartment communities will hold social events that you can also meet people through. You basically get a lot of the benefits that you'd have living in a dorm, but with more privacy, space, and freedom!

Find the Best Student Apartment For You

Luckily for you, there is an abundance of student apartments near the University of Georgia for you to look through. However, choosing the right one for you is important and that can be a little challenging with so much to choose from. When making your decision, some factors you should take into account are price, location, and amenities offered. For example, living in a student apartment in Downtown Athens might be more expensive, but you'd be walking distance from North Campus. Making a pros and cons list of your top choices could be helpful to figure out which is best for you. Another tip is to look at student reviews of the apartments and their experiences living there. This could give you some key insight to help you make your decision as well.

As mentioned before, student apartments are in high demand and you may face some competition with certain apartments. That's why it's important to figure out what you want as early as possible. Living somewhere that will accommodate your needs as a student can significantly improve your off-campus living experience by a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about having a pet when living in UGA student housing?

First, make sure the student housing community you're considering renting at is pet-friendly! From here, ask important questions about weight or breed restrictions and pet fees. Some UGA student housing communities charge pet rent on top of your monthly rent. Once these basics are nailed down, we recommend reflecting on how much time you have to devote to owning a pet, as being a Dawg will take up a lot of your personal time and pets are a lot of work. Additionally, consider speaking with your roommates before making the decision to adopt a pet, as pets impact everyone living in an apartment.

What amenities does UGA student housing offer?

UGA student housing communities offer lots of fun and useful amenities! Consider looking for apartments with study rooms so you have another space to grind out those study sessions in case you need a change of scenery or more quiet atmosphere. Fitness centers are also an awesome amenity, as many of them are open 24/7 to residents, so you're able to get your workouts in whenever you find the time. Many UGA student housing communities also offer furnished bedrooms, an amazing perk that allows students to avoid the hassle and expenses of furniture shopping.

How do I prepare for move-in day into my UGA student housing community?

Congrats, moving into a UGA student housing community is an exciting part of a Dawg's academic career! While move-in day can feel overwhelming, we have plenty of resources to get you prepped for the big day. For recommendations on what to purchase for your furnished apartment, check out this furnished apartment shopping list. Once those basics are covered, check out this first UGA apartment shopping list for guidance on food essentials to keep stocked up in your student apartment. If you have any specific questions or concerns about move-in day, always feel free to give your UGA student housing community a call. Leasing teams are happy to help!

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