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      Studio Apartments | Athens, GA

      Studio Apartments

      If you're looking for studio UGA student housing then you've found the right place! There are a good amount of Athens studio student housing options and we've curated the best selection here at ApartmentsForAthens for you to browse through. Living in a studio apartment can come with many benefits, and can be a great way to kickstart your off-campus experience as a UGA student.

      Benefits of Living in Studio Apartments Near UGA

      If you're looking to live alone, studio apartments are an option that you definitely shouldn't overlook. And luckily for you, there are some great Athens studio apartments for you to choose from! A major benefit that comes with studio living is the affordability. Rent and utility costs tend to be less money than the amount you'd be spending in a 1+ bedroom apartment. In addition, you'll likely be spending less money on furniture than you would in an apartment with more bedrooms. This can be very appealing to a UGA student looking for the most affordable living option off-campus.

      Student life can be hectic at times and that can result in a hectic-looking living space. Living in a studio apartment could help combat this issue as they can be easier to clean--all depending on how you organize it. In addition, you may find that you're not in your studio a lot due to your busy life, so coming back to an apartment that stays relatively clean could help alleviate some stress.

      Best Ways to Organize your Studio Apartment in Athens

      A major concern that people tend to have when it comes to living in a studio apartment is the lack of space and how it can feel a little "claustrophobic" at times. However, there are many space-saving ways to organize your studio and prevent yourself from feeling like that. When you first look at the floor plan for your studio, you should figure out where you want each area to go. A lot of the studio apartments near UGA campus come with a set kitchen and closed off bathroom and closet area, but you should also figure out where you want your bed, living room, and eating area to go. Once you have that established, you can create your plan for organization. Room dividers can be extremely useful for the purpose of organizing your space; they can make a studio feel like there's "rooms," even though its all technically one space. Utilizing things like shelves and containers for storage can be extremely useful as well and help save a lot of space!

      There are so many great aspects that can come from living alone in a studio apartment. Along with the benefits listed above, you also get more privacy. In addition, many studio UGA off campus housing options are pet friendly and are in places that offer several other amenities for you to enjoy as a tenant. We hope that you find what you're looking for!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What’s the difference between a studio and a one-bedroom in Athens, GA?

      While both studios and 1-bedrooms are an awesome fit for those looking to live alone, they have a few key differences. For one, studio apartments are one big room, combining your kitchen, living room, and bedroom into one space. 1-bedrooms offer a more sectioned floor plan, with your kitchen and living room separated from your bedroom by a door. For this reason, studio apartments near UGA are typically slightly cheaper than 1-bedrooms, as a 1-bedroom floor plan is bigger in square footage and offers more space.

      What features are in studios near UGA?

      Studios near UGA offer lots of awesome features! When considering different studio floor plans, be sure to look out for layouts that mimic a 1-bedroom floor plan. Some studios in Athens offer unique layouts that incorporate a half or full wall to section off your bedroom from your kitchen and living room. While there still isn't a door to the bedroom, this creates the feeling of separation felt in a 1-bedroom. Additionally, look out for walk-in closets or extra linen closets to ensure you have enough storage space in your UGA studio apartment. Patios are another great feature that gives you a separate space to enjoy in your studio apartment.

      Will my UGA studio apartment have a washer and dryer?

      It depends! Some studio apartments near UGA include washers and dryers, but this feature is less likely in this floor plan because studios are smaller than all other floor plans. Try using our filters to search for studio apartments with washers and dryers included! If a UGA studio apartment doesn't include a washer and dryer, be sure to ask about onsite laundry facilities on your tour.

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