Apartments Under $700/month | Athens, GA

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Apartments Under $700/month | Athens, GA

Under $700/month

Living in an apartment in Athens doesn't have to be super expensive there are lots of options for Athens apartments under $700. You can find UGA apartments under $700 in lots of parts of Athens, although you might find that the farther away from campus you get, the less expensive rent will be. Still, there are plenty of communities a 10 to 15-minute drive to campus for under $700.

Apartment Locations Under $700

While you might not be able to live in the heart of downtown or on UGA's campus, there are other great locations in Athens to live by. When you start looking for cheap apartments, try searching in areas such as Atlanta Highway, Epps Bridge, and Barnett Shoals. Those locations will have the bulk of budget-friendly apartments marketed to students. However, there are lots of other options in more residential parts of Athens that are just as good. Do some digging online when looking for your apartment, because some great apartments don't advertise as much, and can get lost behind all the luxury student communities.

Extra Costs to Look Out For

Some apartments will look more affordable, but in the end, they can be just as expensive as an apartment downtown. When you are touring an apartment or checking them out online, be sure to look for extra costs. A big cost can be water and electric bills, which can differ between each apartment community. Another cost is amenities, which can also be larger depending on the amenities offered. More common fees include pet fees. If you plan on having a pet, be aware and make sure to ask the leasing office what that will add to your rent. Lastly is parking in Athens, which is already a sore subject for UGA students. Most communities will provide you a spot, whether it is assigned, or more of a free for all. However, that might not include it being a covered spot, which can be an extra fee. When looking for apartments near UGA under $700, be aware of these extra costs so you can keep to your budget.

Ways to Decrease your Living Cost

Sometimes, you might want to splurge on a nicer apartment. While you want to stay within your means, there are a few things you can do to lessen the cost of living. Paying for heat and air can add up during the hot summer months and cold winters. Trying to find a middle ground with your thermostat will help you save money but also remember to adjust it accordingly when you are gone. Whether it's a few days or a few weeks, remembering to turn it up or down can help you save money. Also, pay attention to outlets, and make sure you don't have unnecessary items plugged in. Another tip is if you need a job, some communities have residents working in the leasing office. Depending on the apartment community, you could be compensated by getting discounted rent. Roommates are also a great option. A studio or two bedroom housing might be your goal, but usually the more roommates you have the cheaper rent will be. 

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