apartment resources for uga international students

You made it! You are now a Dawg, and part of the University of Georgia undergrad. Now, it is time to begin the hunt for your first student apartment in Athens. We have created this page specifically for incoming International Students to the University of Georgia. Athens is full of apartments for students let us help make the search a little easier.
We have filled this page with everything you need to know when coming into Athens for the first time as a International Student. Check out our Student Guide as well, for more helpful articles for all students looking for off campus living.
The articles below have a description giving you a brief idea of what helpful information is available to International students looking for housing in Athens. Click on the article names for the details inside. Good luck on your studies!

University of Georgia International Student Off-Campus Housing Guide:

international student apartment search

International Student Apartment Search

Start your UGA apartment search with us. We can help you find the apartment for you with helpful filters like: number of bedrooms, furnished, monthly rent and much more.

How to Apply for UGA Apartments as an international student

How to Apply For Athens Apartments

Each apartment near UGA has different application requirements for international students. We asked each property what you need to know to apply. 

Apartment Vocab for International Students

Apartment Vocabulary for International Students

Lease, amenities, deposit, guarantor - we made a list of the important terms to know before signing an Athens lease. These will all be in your lease agreement, so knowing them will help a lot.

Apartment Advice for UGA International Students

Apartment Advice for UGA International Students

Here is our advice for International Students coming to the University of Georgia from actual UGA students.

The Standard Bedroom

Documents Needed to Rent an Apartment

Before you are able to sign a lease in Athens you need some important documents. We created a list of a few that you should make sure you have on hand.

Rules and Regulations for Athens Apartments

Rules & Regulations for Athens Apartments

We put together some of the rules and fees that are common in apartment communities around UGA. Check out this article to learn about what to look out for in your new apartment.

What International UGA Students Need to Know Before Signing a Lease

What to Know Before Signing a Lease

Leases are binding. Make sure you know what you are agreeing to before signing your Athens lease agreement.

have you heard UGA

Have You Heard UGA

Learn tips about student life at the University of Georgia.

Living room uga apartment

Living Room at UGA

Learn tips about student life at the University of Georgia.

How to Renew Athens Apartment

Renewing Your Athens Apartment Lease

You may love your new apartment in Athens and want to resign. we made this article to make the resigning process a little easier.