Advice for International Students

Moving to Athens being from outside the United States is a time of excitement and probably a little bit of nervousness. Do not worry, the University of Georgia takes care of their international students with tons of educational opportunities and programs that help with getting accustomed to the social environment. Being an international student means you need housing near UGA. Check out the questions below before you begin your apartment hunting journey in Athens, it will help you avoid future problems and surprises.

List of Advice for International Students

  1. Figure out what type of apartment you want to live in. Athens apartment communities typically offer furniture packages, and if you are coming from a great distance then already having furniture is a must.
  2. Decide if having roommates or just a roommate is right for you. Athens apartments can get pricey the closer you get to campus, meaning getting a one bedroom apartment can be almost impossible because of the cost. Having roommates brings down the cost with each additional roommate. If you are new to the area, getting roommates is actually a really good idea. It gives you people who you are around a lot who often become your first friends at college.
  3. What part of Athens do you want to live in? There are many to pick from including downtown, 5 Points and North Campus. If you are unfamiliar with Athens it might help to look for apartments close to UGA. Check out our homepage to look for apartments within 5 minutes from UGA campus.
  4. If you are coming from a far distance, you might not have a personal vehicle. Make sure to look into apartment communities that have a busing system or are close to one of UGA’s bus stops.
  5. Leases at UGA are done per student, so do not worry about having to collect rent from your roommate. You just need to worry about making the payments you owe. These include rent, water, power and WIFI. Check in with the apartment community you want to live with on which utilities are included.

If you are worried about what to expect when coming to a University in the United States, that is completely understandable. The University of Georgia has an International Students Resources page that can answer a lot of the questions you may have.

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