University of Georgia Student Guide

Most people say that college will be the best years of your life, and it can be! However, settling into Athens and UGA as a first-year or transfer can be a little overwhelming. As former and current University of Georgia college students, we understand! That’s why we decided to put together the UGA Student Guide to help you every step of the way. If you are a first year looking for advice on doing well in your UGA classes, we have that in our student guide. If you are a second year looking for advice on Athens apartment hunting, we also have that! We hope this guide helps you settle into Athens, as well as be successful in college. Go dawgs! 

Your UGA Apartment Search

Not everyone has the same preferences when looking for an Athens apartment, so be sure to use our student guide to decide what’s right for you! We have topics ranging from the best time to sign a lease to the best areas in Athens to live. 

UGA apartment search

Start Your Search for Off-Campus Housing near UGA

Find the Athens apartment that will complete your college experience at UGA. Search by price, bedrooms, location, amenities, and more!

UGA apartment by the bed

By the Bed vs By the Apartment

The two kinds of leases you'll encounter are a by-the-bed and a by-the-apartment. Figure out what works best for you by looking at the negatives and positives! 

Best time to sign a lease

Best Time To Sign A Lease

Searching for your first apartment in Athens can be a little overwhelming. One of the biggest questions is “When should I start?” Check out this article for answers to that question and many more. 

UGA Saftey Features

Safety Features To Look For

Safety is super important when living in a UGA off campus apartment. Here are some of the most common safety features in Athens’s apartment communities. 

off vs on campus uga

The On Campus vs Off Campus Debate

Deciding on whether to live on or off campus is a difficult decision and depends mostly on your lifestyle. Learn about the pros and cons of both to help inform your decision. 

Moving Into Your Athens Apartment

Did you find the perfect UGA apartment on ApartmentsForAthens? Great! Now, let us help you get ready to move in with tips and essentials for a smooth and easy move-in day. Getting into the University of Georgia and moving into your Athens apartment should be an exciting time, not stressful. Check the helpful articles for advice and tips on getting set up, and moving into your new place.  

UGA moving box and tips

Must-Have Athens Move-in Day Tips

Move to your UGA off-campus apartment like a pro with these tips for taking the stress out of move-in day. Get organized, feel prepared, and feel at home in no time. 

Athens movers

Bulldog Movers

Have the professionals do the heavy lifting. Bulldog Movers can help you move to Athens locally or even internationally. Get a quote now!

UGA furnished apartment shopping list

Furnished Apartment Shopping List

Moving into your new Athens Apartment can be a lot to coordinate. Let us help you move in comfortably with a list of all the essentials to get your new place feeling more like home.

UGA first apartment grocery list

First Apartment Grocery Shopping List 

You are finally settled into your new Athens home! It is time to start stocking up those cabinets and fridge. Check out our list of some of the groceries you need after you move into your first UGA apartment.

roommates uga

Getting Along With Roommates

Adjusting to living with roommates while attending UGA can be an interesting transition. Be sure you know the best ways to handle sharing a space and keep your home conflict-free. 

Pet ownership

Pet Ownership As a UGA Student

Many UGA students look forward to getting a pet when they move to Athen. However, balancing school work, social activities, and caring for an animal can be a challenge. Here's what you should know before getting a furry friend for your pet-friendly apartment

Life As a UGA Student

Now, you are in Athens and moved into a new apartment you love. Check out our articles to learn about what you can do now to get settled. Topics like transportation around campus, UGA traditions, and how to get involved are all covered. With your Athens apartment all set up, get ready to fully embrace life as a Dawg.   

transportation image

Transportation Guide

Getting around on UGA’s campus can be a hassle with traffic and parking. Let us make your life a little easier with a transportation guide that will help you plan for how you will get to your classes.

Parent visit

What To Do When Parents Visit

Leaving for college means it is a time to embrace independence, but parent visits are important as well. Here are all the activities you can do around UGA to have a good time when the parents come to town.

Making friends and getting involved

Making Friends & Getting Involved

Making friends and getting involved are important to have an unforgettable UGA college experience. Check out our article on tips and help on how to build lasting friendships and what to do to get involved on campus.

School tradition

School Traditions

Traditions at the University of Georgia are deep rooted and important to the students. Make sure you know about UGA traditions so you can get involved in the school spirit and embrace being a dawg!

Getting to Know Athens

Athens is known for being one of the best college towns when it comes to food, music, and nature! Use our UGA student guide to check out all the amazing things Athens has to offer. By the end of your time here, you won’t want to leave!

Things to do in Athens

Things to Do in Athens

Athens has a lot of things to do including browsing around downtown and plenty of nature to explore. Here are a few things you can do in Athens when you want to have some fun!

weekend trips uga

Weekend Trips for UGA Students

Athens has a lot of great weekend trips to take with you and your friends. Check out this list of all the best places to go on a weekend or during a break!

where to grocery shop

Where To Grocery Shop

Living in an apartment means that you will need to grocery shop more than in a dorm. Check out this list of the most popular grocery stores in Athens!

Additional Dawgs Resources

Being at the University of Georgia means you have access to a lot of resources and activities that are made for students like you. Whether you're trying to save money or get involved, check out what's available to you now that you are a Dawg.

well being

University of Georgia Well-Being Resources

UGA understands that your mental health and well-being is important. Check out the University of Georgia’s well being resources if you need some help.

discounts at UGA

Best UGA Student Discounts

Being in college can be hard on your finances. Take advantage of all the best UGA student discounts and save your money!

what students do for fun

What Do UGA Students Do For Fun?

Curious on what UGA students do in their free time in between classes and studying? Check out our article to see if we can find the right organization or activity for you.

UGA Sports News

UGA Sports News

Get the latest news on UGA football, basketball, baseball, and more. The hub for Georgia sports fans with stats, schedules, videos, recruiting, apparel, and more info. 

Upcoming events

Upcoming UGA Events

UGA always has something exciting going on or coming up. Make sure to stay up to date on what's to come and get involved.