Furnished Apartment shopping list

Furnished apartments are a very handy option for UGA students. Purchasing furniture for a new place can be expensive and after moving out can be difficult to store as well. Being able to move in without the hassle of moving furniture in is a huge convenience. Not having to pay for professional movers for big items like couches, mattresses and dressers makes the furniture package seem much more beneficial. Apartments with elevators make this easier, but not all have them. UGA apartment furnished

While furnished apartments near UGA do not include everything to make your new place feel like home, they give a great base to be built upon. Having the major necessities already there upon moving takes a lot of stress out of the whole process. Below is a list to give you an idea of what may be included in your new home. Do keep in mind that each apartment community provides different amenities and furniture, so check with the leasing office about what will be included in your new apartment.

What is Already Included?

Bedroom Furniture

Items included in each student’s bedrooms are their sole responsibility. Make sure to leave the furniture in good condition upon move out day.

●      Bedframe

●      Mattress

●      Desk

●      Chair

●      Dresser

●      Nightstand (can vary)

Common Area Furniture

All furniture in the common area is shared with the roommates of an apartment. Because of this, every student is mutually responsible for the care of the items in the room.

●      Coffee table

●      Couch

●      End tables

●      Tv Stand

●      Loveseat

●      TV (some apartment communities include a tv with the lease/furniture package) 

Below is a list that includes all the items you will want to pick up for your new UGA apartment. The list is split by room, so you do not forget to bring any necessities that are not provided in the furniture package. Pro tip! It is a good idea to create a group chat between you and your new roommates before move in day to coordinate who is buying or bringing what for the common room and kitchen. This prevents roommates buying the same items or forgetting an important item altogether.

What to buy?

Common Area/ Living Room

●      Curtains (look into blackout curtains, they work wonders!)

●      Extra seating (ottoman, small accent chair, foldable chair, etc.)

●      Lamp (either standing or for an end table)

●      Rug

●      Shelving

●      Tv (if not included)

●      Wall Decor (Give the apartment some character! Maybe a Bulldog)

●      UGA throw blanket


●      Blender

●      Silverware (knives, spoons, forks & butter knives)

●      Coffee maker

●      Coffee Cups

●      Chef knife

●      Cutting Board

●      Dishtowels

●      Cups

●      Ice Tray (if your fridge does not have an ice maker)

●      Measuring cup/spoons

●      Pots and pans (Pro tip! Non-stick pans are the best!)

●      Spatula

●      Can opener

●      Whisk

●      Toaster

●      Plates

●      Bowls

●      Mixing bowl

●      Bottle opener

●      Aluminum foil

●      Tupperware containers

●      Oven mitts

●      Dishwasher pods

●      Dish soap

●      Large trash can with fitted trash bags

●      Drying rack

●      Sponge


●      Alarm Clock

●      Curtains (Black out curtains are your best friend)

●      Laundry basket

●      Hangers

●      Lamp for desk and or nightstand

●      Small trash can

●      Shoe rack

●      Pillows

●      Sheets (fitted sheet, sheets, pillow cases, comforter)

●      Mattress topper

●      Mirror

●      Under the bed storage (also storage/organizers if you have an apartment with walk in closets!)

●      Mini fridge


●      Bath Towels

●      Bath rug

●      Toilet brush and cleaner

●      Hand towels

●      Makeup/Toiletries Organizer

●      Plunger

●      Shower curtain and Rings

●      Shower rod

●      Toothbrush holder

●      Towel hooks (over the door is great if your apartment does not allow damage to walls)

●      Disinfectant spray

Miscellaneous items

●      Vacuum cleaner

●      Small Broom and dustpan

●      Basic tool kit

●      Swiffer

●      Scissors

●      Tape

●      First aid kit

●      Laundry pods

●      Stain remover

●      Dryer sheets

●      Umbrella

●      Surge protectors/extension cords


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