UGA Transportation Guide

The University of Georgia has a wide array of transportation options. When coming to a new university, it is important to understand all the transportation logistics before classes start. Knowing the various options for getting to class on time and around Athens for errands will help a new Bulldog get their start.

Parking Permits

Whether you are driving a car or a moped at UGA, you need a permit to park on campus to avoid getting a ticket or worse, being towed. UGA has a priority system with their permits. Permits are applied for in the spring and valid the following fall. For more information, here’s how to apply.


If you are planning on bringing a car to campus, there a few things to consider:


UGA has parking limitations for students with and without permits. These limitations are enforced at varying times, but are always displayed on signs next to each parking lot. UGA lists all the enforcement hours for North, South, East & West campuses on its website.

Where to Park

Finding parking on campus can be a stressful and challenging process Monday-Friday. With so many students and faculty trying to find a spot before class, it can seem like a free for all with parking garages and lots filling up early in the mornings. Overnight parking is allowed on the weekends, but the vehicle must be moved by 7am Monday morning to a paid lot.

Motorist Assistance

transportation articleFree assistance is available for UGA students with parking permits and guests from 8am to 5pm on weekdays. The services include:
  • Jump-starts
  • Search (if you forgot where your vehicle is parked)
  • Lights-on notices
  • Assistance & directions for campus events

Call 706-542-PARK(7275) for help

ParkMobile & Visitors

Visitors must have a valid permit issued by the Department of Parking Services, unless the vehicle is in designated visitor parking. Visitors can pay in any pay lot or pay deck or through ParkMobile. ParkMobile is an app you can download on your smartphone and pay for parking for up to two hours and add more time if needed. It works by the visitor putting in their license

plate as their temporary permit and paying a fee. All the parking decks at UGA allow ParkMobile, along with Health Sciences campus, Park & Ride and many more.

Park & Ride

UGA offers lower cost parking options to students and faculty. The parking lot is found at the corner of College Station and North Oconee Access Road. The discounted rate is $10 dollars a month and offers a bus that comes to pick up every 15 minutes from 6:55am-7:40pm.


If you do not have a car, there are busing options available to University of Georgia Students, all you need is your valid UGA ID.

UGA Bus Transit System

The University of Georgia transit system carries more passengers than any other University transit system in the US. There are over thirty zero-emission electric buses that travel six different routes throughout campus. There is live tracking provided on the UGA App or, so you know where the buses are relative to you. The buses run from 6:00am. - 7:00pm Monday through Friday. Night services are available as well for Monday-Wednesday 7:00pm-1:00am & Thursday-Saturday 7:00 pm - 3:00 am.

Additional Commuting Options

If you do not have a mode of transportation or need a safe ride home from Downtown Athens, do not worry. UGA offers many forms of transportation to ensure your safety.

UGA Ride Smart

Uber is available throughout Athens, but can get very

expensive especially during popular hours. UGA has partnered with Lyft, offering students discounted rides through a nightly rideshare program. It runs 10pm to 6am everyday of the week. Rides are available from or to any location in the greater Athens-Clarke County area, as long as the ride originates or ends in the service area. The service area consists of main campus, Health Sciences, Veterinary complex, and one block north of the Arch located in downtown Athens. Rides are discounted up to 5$ per ride and each student gets 4 rides per month.


There are transportation services for mobility impaired students. If a student is eligible, priority seating and curb to curb van services are available. All vehicles are requestable for on-campus transport. 

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