Where UGA students grocery shop

Athens has a multitude of grocery stores to shop at. There are plenty of grocery stores near your Athens apartment to choose from when it comes to where you get your college groceries. Many of the big grocery stores are near Atlanta Highway, Epps Bridge Parkway, or Barnett Shoals Road. If you want to save money, it might be a good idea to pick only a few stores and sign up for their membership and/or coupons. Athens also has a farmer’s market on Saturdays and Wednesdays, which can be a great way to get fresh produce or just try something new!

Trader Joe’s (Epps Bridge Parkway)

Trader Joe’s is a cult favorite store for many reasons, including its organic and non-GMO foods, as well as its superfluous snack aisle. Their frozen section is great for busy college students and makes it super easy to put a meal together. Trader Joe’s also has great diversity in their foods, and they make it super easy to try new and exciting flavors. 

Publix (Atlanta Hwy, Barnett Shoals)

Publix is another great option for groceries, with quality produce and meat. They might be slightly more expensive than your average grocery store, but worth it. Their deli section is great, with tons of great grab-and-go options, but also made-to-order sandwiches. Publix has impressive meat and seafood departments, with great quality sushi for the price.

Kroger (Hwy 29, College Station Road, Alps Road, Epps Bridge Parkway)

Kroger is a great budget-friendly store with a lot of options. They have a great organic line with lots of products and good produce. Kroger also has a pharmacy. With lots of locations, this is a great option for weekly groceries.

Walmart (Atlanta Hwy, Epps Bridge Parkway, Lexington Road)

Walmart is one of the best value grocery stores in Athens. There are also plenty of locations, so you don’t need to worry about making a trek for weekly groceries. The Walmart on Atlanta Highway is a Neighborhood Market, so it is a bit smaller but has most essentials. The Atlanta Highway location also has a gas station. At the other locations, you can get pretty much everything you need in one store, with large beauty, cleaning, pet, hardware, and health sections.

The Fresh Market (Alps Rd.)

Fresh Market, while more expensive than other grocery stores, has a lot of unique products. It prides itself on having top-quality, organic products. You can find some of the best chocolate and unique candies here. Their bakery and sushi section are very good as well. If you’re planning a picnic on North campus, I highly suggest stopping by The Fresh Market to pick up a few items. 

Target (Atlanta Hwy, E Broad St)

There are two Target locations in Athens, one downtown and one on Atlanta Highway. The Target downtown is a smaller Target, more suitable for a quick trip, with dorm room essentials and a small refrigerated and freezer section. The Target on Atlanta Highway is much bigger, with large produce, refrigerated, and freezer sections. Their dry food aisles are also very large, with lots of basics but also more fun products. This Target is a good option if you want a one-stop-shop, as it has almost everything you could need. 

Sam’s Club (Atlanta Hwy)

Sam’s Club is not a usual grocery store, mostly because you need a membership to even get in. However, there is one in Athens, and can be a great way to get stuff cheaper for your apartment. They sell products “in bulk”, which isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds. They have cleaning supplies, bath tissue, dishware, great deals on Tupperware, and so much more. While Sam’s isn’t a once-a-week kind of grocery store, it’s still a great option to have.

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