What are some fun free things to do near my Athens Apartment?

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The Park Lakeside
The Park Lakeside is located right to the Georgia Botanical Gardens.

Athens, GA is a vibrant city full of delicious restaurants and a plethora of bars and music venues fit to entertain the masses. However, as a college student at the University of Georgia, you might find yourself wanting to save a pretty penny or two. Fortunately, Athens has plenty of free activities for Athenians and UGA students alike. 

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Bear Hollow Zoo

Located near Five Points, Bear Hollow is Athen's very own local zoo, and best of all: you can visit it for free! Featuring a variety of local species such as black bears, river otters, an alligator, and even a bald eagle, Bear Hollow Zoo is a great place to visit on a sunny day to learn more about Georgia's many native animals. With the Birchmore trail, a small lake, and playground equipment surrounding it, many families and students are regular visitors.

Visit the Iron Horse

As a new student at UGA, chances are you'll hear about the "Iron Horse" and wonder what that is. The Iron Horse is a statue that was created in 1954 by artist Abbott Pattison. It 

was once located in front of Reed Hall but was relocated due to graffiti. Now the Iron Horse lives as a staple of UGA lore 30 minutes from campus. Although it may be a bit of a drive from your Athens apartment, students love visiting the statue to have a picnic, watch the sunset, or stargaze.

Georgia Museum of Art

Founded in 1945, the Georgia Museum of Art serves as a cultural staple for Athens providing a completely free space to view breathtaking pieces of art. The museum is located on UGA's campus next to Joe Frank Commons and Ramsey and is only a walk or a bus ride away from UGA's off-campus housing. With 13 galleries including a rotating collection, the Georgia Museum of Art is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with friends or family.

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UGA State Botanical Gardens

The University of Georgia is lucky to have its very own Botanical Garden just a short drive from Downtown Athens. Almost every UGA student will have at least one picnic at the Gardens during their studies in Athens. The Botanical Gardens has many different flower gardens with a variety of flora and fauna as well as horticulture greenhouses and tropical conservatories to explore. The UGA State Botanical Gardens always has an event going on, whether it be concerts, fashion shows, summer camps, or classes and workshops on various subjects including forestry, beekeeping, and flower arranging. 

Lake Herrick

Located on campus next to the Intramural Fields, Lake Herrick is a great recreational resource for Athens and UGA. After 20 years of use, Lake Herrick was closed to swimming and boating in 2002, however, there are still many fun ways to spend an afternoon there. Walking, trail running, birdwatching, and fishing are all popular activities amongst students and Athens locals. An accessible dock is available for carry-in, non-motorized boats such as canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. Students can even rent boats from the Outdoor Recreation Center. Many students study outside on their patios which are supplied with Wi-Fi, outlets, and plenty of shade.

Overall, there are many ways to spend your time in Athens without breaking the bank. Whether you're exploring the native wildlife at Bear Hollow Zoo, marveling at art in the Georgia Museum of Art, or enjoying the tranquility of the UGA State Botanical Gardens, Lake Herrick, or the Iron Horse, Athens offers a plethora of free activities for students and locals alike. With so much to see and do, your time at your Athens apartment is sure to be both enriching and memorable, without costing you a dime.

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