Find Apartments near South Milledge Ave | Athens, GA

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Find Apartments near South Milledge Ave | Athens, GA

South Milledge Ave

South Milledge Avenue is a great place to look for apartments. Located approximately two minutes from the University of Georgia campus, you'll be in a prime off-campus location living here. This can also be a very attractable location for those involved in Greek life at UGA, as there are many sorority and fraternity houses located on Milledge Avenue. You can find a great selection of apartments near South Milledge Ave on ApartmentsforAthens!

Things to Do Near South Milledge Avenue

In addition to the convenience that comes with being located so close to campus, apartments near South Milledge Avenue are also in a proximate location to Five Points, Athens. Five points is an intersection of five roads—including South Milledge Avenue—and is lined with several restaurants, boutiques, and local businesses that are beloved by Athens residents. Aside from Downtown, Five Points is known as being one of the best retail areas in Athens. While living here, you will definitely want to explore the area. Perhaps you might enjoy going to Jittery Joe's Coffee to study, meet up with friends, or grab a coffee before heading to your morning class on campus? Are you interested in yoga? Five Points Yoga is a highly rated yoga studio located on South Milledge Ave. They have both online and in-person classes and are currently offering two weeks of unlimited yoga to introductory members for only $32! Haven't you heard? Reading is in! Support a privately owned bookstore by visiting Avid Bookshop, also located in Five Points. You can expand your palate by eating at Sakura Hibachi and Sushi Bar or Cali N Tito's, also located in Five Points. In addition, Waffle House is also located on South Milledge Avenue and is open 24-hours, so if you ever find yourself looking for a late-night snack, that's always an option. The great thing about living near South Milledge Avenue is that these businesses will only be a mere walk away.

Benefits of Living Near South Milledge Avenue

In addition to there being a lot of great off campus housing near South Milledge Ave, and the close location to campus and Five Points, there are also a few other benefits to living in this area. Fire Station 3 is located right on the corner of South Milledge Ave, next to the clock tower, and it may give you some ease of mind having a safety resource nearby. In addition, both the Milledge and Health Science UGA bus routes go through this area, meaning that you get transportation to campus and may not need to buy a campus parking pass.

South Milledge Avenue is a very attractive spot for UGA off-campus housing, and for several reasons too. Its understandable why this area is so popular for UGA students. Don't wait around, look through our South Milledge Ave listings and find the best apartment match for you!

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