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ApartmentsForAthens was built to be your personal University of Georgia apartment finder. Go beyond a standard list of Athens apartments and explore in depth, up-to-date listings that let you get comfortable with your options for apartments near UGA before you ever leave your home. Our unique technology is constantly being improved by our team to empower Athens renters to find an apartment that aligns with their student lifestyle and budget. Whether you’re an Athens native or a UGA newbie, we are here to help from move in to move out of your apartment journey. Get to know what the University of Georgia campus has to offer, discover which areas are your favorite, and check out the latest deals on Athens apartments. Take advantage of Athens' most advanced custom online apartment search tool and you’ll be kicking off your shoes in an apartment you love in no time!

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From dreaming about your new apartment near UGA to move in day, there are a lot of steps in your apartment hunt. At ApartmentsforAthens, we make it simple to secure an apartment for your next phase in life. Search through the most up-to-date photos, descriptions, and pricing of University of Georgia apartments on the web. Figure out what you’re looking for and filter your options by (almost) anything you can think of. Take a minute and search through our FAQ section to get your Athens questions answered. When you’re ready, choose the communities you’re interested in and click Get More Information or Check Availability on your desired floor plan right from our listings. Tap the Schedule a Tour button when you’re ready to see your new apartment in person and before you know it move in day will be here!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best area in Athens, GA for UGA students to live?

The best area of Athens for UGA students is up to your personal lifestyle preferences, however, college students typically like to live closer to campus in a UGA apartment in the Downtown area with plenty of entertainment and dining options or in the Five Points area at the intersection of Milledge Avenue and Lumpkin Street right near Sorority Row and UGA campus.

When should I start looking for an Athens apartment?

When to start looking for an apartment in Athens, GA can depend on why you're settling in the area. If you're a college student at the University of Georgia starting in the Fall, be sure to start your UGA off-campus housing search as soon as possible. A good rule of thumb is to start your apartment search at least one season ahead of time. So, if you're starting in the fall you should be on the apartment hunt at the start of summer. No matter what your reason for living in Athens, always start earlier so that you can secure an apartment you love!

What is the typical rent for an apartment in Athens?

What you pay in rent for your Athens, GA apartment will vary based on factors like the location, floor plan, and amenities. If you're looking to live close to the University of Georgia campus in a luxury one bedroom apartment, then you'll likely be paying over $1,000. If you're looking for a cheaper apartment to share with your buddies and you're not too concerned about upgraded features, you can expect your share to be around $500-800, depending on the location and amenities.

Is Athens, GA a good place to go to college?

Athens, GA, home to the University of Georgia Bulldogs, is considered by many to be a great college town. If you're looking for a diehard fanbase, a great state school, and a lively nightlife, UGA could be your school. Students who live in an apartment near UGA benefit from charming Georgia weather, great athletic programs to cheer on, and 30,000 students to mingle and have fun with. Southern Living Magazine has consistently ranked UGA as one of the top college towns in the nation.

As a college student, how can I rent an apartment in Athens, GA?

As a University of Georgia student, Athens, GA has dedicated off-campus apartments designed with you in mind. To rent an apartment in Athens as a college student, you'll need to fill out an application and usually pay an admin fee from the apartment complex. This will ask for personal information, employment status, and income. Many college apartments require you have a co-signer or guarantor. This can help you meet rental requirements like having an income that is three times the monthly rent. Once you are approved and your background check clears, you'll be ready to sign for your UGA apartment.

Your Apartment Questions Answered

  • What are the best Bagel shops near my Athens apartment?

    Bagels are an essential breakfast option, especially for big bagel fans like me and so many of the residents of Athens. However, at first glance, Athens might seem like a bit of a bagel desert. Luckily for you, I've tracked down the best places to get a bagel near your Athens apartment! Ideal Bagel Located on Broad Street in the heart of Athens, Ideal Bagel is THE spot to get your morning fix. With a huge selection of handmade bagels including pumpernickel, cinnamon raisin, honey wheat,... Read More »

  • What are some fun free things to do near my Athens Apartment?

    Athens, GA is a vibrant city full of delicious restaurants and a plethora of bars and music venues fit to entertain the masses. However, as a college student at the University of Georgia, you might find yourself wanting to save a pretty penny or two. Fortunately, Athens has plenty of free activities for Athenians and UGA students alike.  Bear Hollow Zoo Located near Five Points, Bear Hollow is Athen's very own local zoo, and best of all: you can visit it for free! Featuring a variety... Read More »

  • I'm coming to Athens this summer for UGA Orientation. What should I know?

    Heading off to college can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when you're gearing up for orientation at the University of Georgia. As you prepare to embark on this new chapter of your academic journey, there are several key things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth transition into campus life. Here's what you need to know before attending UGA's orientation. 1. Familiarize Yourself with the Campus: Before setting foot on campus for orientation, take some time to familiarize... Read More »

  • How do I budget my savings while I am at college staying in my UGA off-campus apartment?

    Transitioning to college life brings a mix of excitement and responsibility, especially when it comes to off-campus living. While the newfound freedom is exhilarating, mastering financial management is crucial for a smooth college experience. In this guide, you'll find practical tips to streamline your finances and create a budget that ensures financial stability while living in an Athens off-campus apartment. Setting Financial Goals: Before diving into budgeting, it's essential to define... Read More »

  • What are some tips for first time renters in Athens, GA?

    Embarking on the journey of moving out and renting your own apartment for the first time in Athens, GA, can feel daunting. However, with a few simple tips, this intimidating experience can become much more manageable. Athens boasts an abundance of apartments, so narrowing down your options is crucial to finding the perfect first apartment. Setting Your Budget Wisely As a first-time apartment renter, setting a realistic budget is paramount. Rental prices vary based on location, so it's... Read More »

  • How do I manage stress as a UGA student?

    Navigating life as a student at the University of Georgia comes with its fair share of challenges. Whether you're settling into a new apartment in Athens or facing a demanding semester, moments of stress are inevitable. However, having effective strategies to manage those overwhelming days and late nights is crucial for staying on course. Balancing academic responsibilities, personal well-being, and social engagements might seem daunting, but with dedication, you can handle it all! Stay... Read More »

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