Two Bedroom Apartments | Athens, GA

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Two Bedroom Apartments | Athens, GA

2 Bedrooms

If you're looking for your first apartment, you're probably looking at a lot of options, including two apartment bedrooms in Athens. It is a big decision, and you should consider your options. Be aware that 2 bedroom student housing will probably be more expensive than a 3, 4, or 5 bedrooms. However, you will have more space and privacy and rent will be cheaper than a 1 bedroom apartment. There are plenty of options, so you have plenty to choose from.

Perks of Two-Bedroom Apartments in Athens

There are plenty of reasons why you should live in two bedroom UGA off campus housing. The biggest reason is only having one roommate. It's much easier to collaborate with décor for your apartment, and to create a cohesive environment. Another important part is refrigerator space. Most apartments have a medium-sized fridge, and that doesn't always change from a 2 bedroom to a 4-bedroom apartment. With only two people sharing the fridge, you don't have to worry about taking up too much space. If you decide to eat meals together, it will be much easier to cook for two, including splitting up the costs. College apartments aren't usually built for family-sized cooking. Your schedule may not always align with your roommate's, so you can have some alone time when needed. If you plan on splitting up chores, each of you will have to do more than you would with four roommates. However, as long as you communicate with each other, it can go very smoothly.

Tips for Living in 2 Bedroom Apartments near UGA

Since you are only living with one other person, you want to create a good relationship with your roommate. Here are a few tips on how to do so.

  • Let each other know your preferences. Some people aren't super energetic in the morning, and some people prefer to have quiet nights. Letting your roommate know ahead of time will save you a lot of stress trying to let them know later.
  • Communicate! It is so easy to get wrapped up in miscommunications, and it can make living together difficult. Simply letting your roommate know when you want to have people over, or if you'll be gone for the weekend, is not only considerate but will help everything run smoothly.
  • Split up the apartment chores. You don't always have to do the same thing but split them up evenly and make it clear who is doing what.
  • If you have a random roommate, or you don't know each other well, try to find some common interests. You'll be living together for at least six months, so why not become friends.

If you are considering Athens two-bedroom housing, hopefully, this article gave you some insight into what they are like. If you aren't, you should. Like this article mentioned above, there are a lot of great perks with a two-bedroom. Start your search now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are UGA 2-bedroom apartments in Athens, GA?

Many University of Georgia students prefer to live in a two bedroom apartment. It's easy to split bills, fridge space, and TV time. You can find 2-bedroom apartments all around Athens, GA. If you're a UGA student, you may want to find a two bedroom near Downtown to be close to the nightlife or in Five Points for easy access to campus. If you're involved in Greek life and want to make it to chapter, try looking for a two bedroom near Sorority Row or Fraternity Houses

What are the benefits of living in a two bedroom apartment near UGA?

Two bedroom apartments near the University of Georgia are great for students who love balance. Having a roommate can be great to split bills with, while still having plenty of room in the kitchen and living room. You'll have the comfort of living with someone and the privacy of your own space. Don't have someone in mind? Many UGA apartments offer roommate matching to find someone that matches your lifestyle. Having only one roommate can be helpful with lowering the amount conflict.  

Should I live in a one or two-bedroom apartment near UGA?

What UGA student apartment floor plan you choose is ultimately up to you. However, if you're choosing between a one or two bedroom apartment, know you should ask yourself a few questions. Am I equipped to handle conflict with someone I signed a lease with? Two bedrooms are much easier than an apartment with multiple roommates, but still sharing a space can be difficult. Try our tips for dealing with roommates or use a roommate matching service to find someone you're compatible with. Does my budget allow for a one bedroom apartment? Living alone will cost you more. If you're trying to save money while attending UGA, we recommend a two-bedroom. Do I like the company? Some people will do anything to live alone, but others like to have someone to talk to when they get home. 

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