Is pest control included in my athens apartment rent?

If you're eyeing an apartment near the University of Georgia, you might be curious about whether pest control services are part of the rental deal. Ensuring a pest-free environment in Athens, GA, is crucial for a serene and comfortable living experience. Fortunately, most apartments offer pest control services as an integral component of your monthly rent. Let's explore what you can anticipate in terms of pest control for your Athens apartment near UGA.

Inclusive Pest Control Services:

Athens apartments prioritize maintaining a pest-free living environment for their residents. As a result, routine pest control services are typically bundled into your monthly rent. Should you encounter issues like ants, roaches, or other common pests, reaching out to your leasing office is all it takes. They'll swiftly schedule a pest control spray to address the concern.

Exceptions to the Rule:

While pest control services are generally inclusive, certain exceptions exist, notably in cases involving bed bugs. These pests can rapidly spread and pose a nuisance, and addressing them may fall under your responsibility, necessitating coverage for the pest control services.

Pre-Move-in Inspection

To dispel any worries about potential pre-existing pest issues, consider requesting a pre-move-in pest inspection. Connect with your leasing office to arrange for a pest control expert to inspect your apartment before your move-in date. This proactive measure can provide assurance and prevent unwelcome surprises upon settling in.

Tips for Apartment Pest Control

1. Maintain Cleanliness: Regularly cleaning your one bedroom to 4 bedroom apartment is crucial to minimize attracting pests. Ensure proper food storage, disposal, and cleanliness of surfaces to deter infestations.

2. Seal Entry Points: Check for gaps or cracks in windows, doors, and walls that pests could exploit to enter your apartment. Sealing these entry points is key to preventing infestations.

3. Report Promptly: If you notice any signs of pests, report them to your leasing office without delay. Swift action can prevent the issue from worsening.

In conclusion, when considering apartments near the University of Georgia in Athens, pest control services are typically included in your rent. Yet, be aware of exceptions, especially concerning bed bug incidents, where you might bear the cost of pest control services. Upholding cleanliness, sealing potential entry points, and reporting issues promptly will help ensure a pest-free living space. Your leasing office is there to aid in maintaining a comfortable and pest-free apartment living experience.

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