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Associate Market Director

Nick Thomas

Nick has been a proud Georgian all his life. He was born and raised in Dacula before making a short move to Ball Ground his senior year. Now he resides in Athens where he is a sophomore at the University of Georgia. He's studying for a degree in International Business and MIS, after which he aspires to become a serial entrepreneur. He lives off-campus and has seen the best apartments Athens has to offer.

In his search for an off-campus apartment, Nick had a few must-haves on his list. As an avid animal lover with two cats, his dream apartment had to be pet-friendly. Additionally, he needed a studio to live with his girlfriend.

Nick is an extrovert that strives to build a thriving network of friends and business partners to start ventures with. He hopes to continue his love of badminton throughout his life as well as his dedication to traveling and hiking. Otherwise, you can see him spending time with his girlfriend and cats. To Nick, family is the most important thing on Earth, and encourages others to seek out a living style that will balance their social needs, with their personal and family time.