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Applying for an apartment as an international student at the University of Georgia can feel stressful and overwhelming. Most apartment communities have different requirements regarding documents they accept in place of a social security number and qualifications for guarantors. ApartmentsForAthens has you covered with details on specific requirements and documents from each apartment community. 

Eclipse on Broad

Eclipse on Broad requires a government-issued photo ID. Additionally, residents of Eclipse must either co-sign with a guarantor or they can opt into a self-guaranty program, LEAP, for an additional $46.84/month on top of rent.

Flats at Carrs Hill

Flats at Carrs Hill requires a copy of the applicant's passport and/or DS-2019 to verify entry into the US. International residents are also required to enroll in LEAP to waive the guarantor requirement, at a monthly rate of $37 on top of rent.

International applicants that are not enrolled in higher education must pay a security deposit of 2 months' rent and provide either a current bank statement or pay stub that proves income of at least 3 times the monthly rent. 

Newberry Central & Newberry North

Both Newberry Central and Newberry North require a copy of the applicant's passport and I-24 to qualify for an apartment.

River Mill

River Mill requires a SEVIS I-20 ID or Visa number. International guarantors must provide an ID number. If an international student doesn’t have a guarantor, they can…

  1. Provide proof of income showing income greater than or equal to 3 times the monthly rent plus 1-year employment history.
  2. Provide proof of financial aid or a scholarship in a sufficient amount to cover both tuition and rent
  3. Provide payment of first and last month’s rent upfront

The Connection 

The Connection does not require a social security number, but to verify a photo identification on the application, this community requires one of the following…

  1. Driver’s license
  2. Government-issued ID
  3. Military ID
  4. State pictured ID
  5. Passport

The Connection requires a guarantor. A guarantor must…

  1. Be at least 25 years old
  2. Make 3 times the monthly rent
  3. Pass a background and credit check

If the applicant doesn’t have a guarantor, The Connection allows LEAP at an additional $34.32/month on top of rent.

The Lodge of Athens

The Lodge allows LEAP in place of a guarantor and accepts an I-20 or passport as a form of identification. 

The Park Hillside & The Park Lakeside

Both The Park Hillside and The Park Lakeside have 4 options for qualifying for an apartment.

  1. Sign with a guarantor who must…
    1. Be a current US citizen
    2. Have a current US address
    3. Make 3 times the monthly rent
    4. Have a credit score of at least 600
  2. Self-qualify for the apartment if the applicant…
    1. Makes 3 times the monthly rent
      1.                                                i.     Acceptable proof of income documents includes a W-2 from the most current year, three months of pay stubs, or a job offer letter if you haven’t been employed at your current employer for 3 months.
      2. Have a credit score of at least 600
  3. Sign a guarantor waiver fee if the applicant is a student enrolled in a higher learning institution and is unable to provide an approved guarantor or self-guarantee your lease. This waiver is a monthly fee of $39.52 on top of rent.
  4. Enroll in LEAP as a third-party guarantor. The upfront fee for LEAP ranges from 60-80% of your monthly rent.

The Rive

The Rive requires a passport and I-24 form.

The Flats at Carrs Hill 

International students enrolled in higher education are required to enroll in the guarantor waiver program that is offered through Leap. This program is an institutional guarantor and the student pays a monthly fee of $37 per month for this program. In addition, a copy of your passport and/or DS-2019 is required to verify entry into the US. International students are not required to provide a social security number. 

International applicants that are not enrolled in higher education must pay a security deposit of two months rent. You are also required to provide either a current bank statement or pay stubs which proves income of at least 3 times the monthly rent.


International students are automatically approved with the Leap monthly guarantor waiver fee. If they want to enroll in Leap on their own, they can, but if they do not enroll on their own, the William leasing team will enroll them automatically and there will be a monthly fee added to their account. There is not a deposit option offered, but Leap can be used by anyone regardless of if they enroll on their own or not, as long as they are a student. 

A guarantor is always an option, as well. Guarantors must have a social security number, a credit score of 600 or above, make three times the monthly rental installment, and pass a background screening. They do not have to be related to the resident.

The William leasing team is are excited to answer any questions any international students may have and can set up tours at any time during office hours. Tours can also be scheduled online via our website. 

Landmark Athens

To qualify for an apartment at Landmark Athens as an international student, applicants must…

  1. Pass a background check
  2. Provide an I-20 form
  3. Make 3 times the monthly rent

 If these 3 qualifications are met, you can pass as a self-qualifying international applicant and need to pay a deposit that is 2 months of rent.

If applicants do not meet these qualifications and want to apply with a guarantor, the guarantor must…

  1. Be at least 25 years old
  2. Make 3 times the monthly rent
  3. Have a social security number
  4. Pass a background and credit check

Lark Athens

To qualify at Lark Athens, applicants must provide a 1-20 form and passport. Applicants must also pay 2 months of rent upfront if they do not have an American guarantor.

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