How do you lower your electric bill in your UGA apartment?

If not properly monitored, electric bills can go through the roof. In the Spring Athens can get really hot. During this time electric bills are expensive for apartments near the University of Georgia. Knowing how to keep your costs down goes a long way. It is important to build these habits early in order to save the most money possible. If you are worried your electric bill will be out of hand maybe look into all inclusive apartments. Do not worry fellow Dawg, this article will help you bring that bill down. black usb cable plugged in white electric socket

Examine your energy usage

I am willing to bet that there are more than a few things left plugged in when they are not in use in your apartment. We are all guilty of leaving most things plugged into an outlet when we are not using it. It happens with toasters, tvs, lamps, and countless other items. Individually these items do not draw that much energy, but with them all added up it creates an unnecessary expense. Phantom energy loss is an easily prevented cost, just get into the habit of scanning your UGA apartment for things left plugged in. Computer chargers, phone chargers, unplugging them when you leave for class or go to sleep can save you some money. One compact fluorescent light bulb costs around $9 per year to run through the night. Ceiling fans on high cost $35 dollars per fan! Just become more aware of these energy suckers and switch them off.

Check your bulbs

Look into getting energy saving light bulbs. Traditional halogen and filament bulbs are the standard currently, however if you pay slightly more, energy saving bulbs are worth it. They last much longer, are better for the environment because of lower carbon emissions and will undeniably save you money in the long run. With lighting accounting for around 15% of Athens electric bills, making the switch to energy efficient lights will reduce your electricity bill.

Adjust your thermostat

white and gray thermostat at 19 5

The Georgia heat tends to run up Dawgs utility bills quite an amount. It can be tempting to turn the thermostat down to escape the heat, however do not forget to turn it back up after it cools off. One good way to keep a/c bills from becoming too high while living in Athens is to turn off your thermostat while you are away at class or work. I tend to keep my thermostat around 74-75 degrees during the day, and turn it down at night because I like it cold when I sleep. When I wake up I have to remember to adjust the thermostat back to a lower cost temperature. Getting into a habit can really help keep those costs down. Whether you live in a two bedroom apartment or four bedroom apartment, try to find a good temperature that suits everyone. Some thermostats have programmable features, these can be useful because the thermostat will turn itself back up during the time you need it too. It is really nice because you do not have to get into the habit of doing it manually. When it is a scorcher in Athens, make sure your blinds are up and curtains are drawn. Blocking the sun's rays from entering your apartment near UGA can help your ac unit not have to put in so much work.

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