How do I start my UGA apartment search?

Heading home for the holidays can be the perfect time to start thinking about where you'll live next Fall. It is about this time that apartments will send out messages to ask if you are resigning for another year and spots at communities start to fill up.

Figure Out Your Budget

The first thing to know is that starting earlier is always best. When you're with your family talk about your plan and figure out what budget you're working with. Make sure to factor in parking fees and utilities into a final number. Once you've established a price range, now it's up to you to decide what kind of college living situation is best for you.

What Type of UGA Apartment Is right?

Think about everything, like your class schedule, personality type, and living habits. Are you a busy engineering major and need a quiet place to get crucial study time in? Are you heavily involved with on-campus activities and need to live nearby the University of Georgia campus to make all your meetings? Do you want to live with all your best friends in a 4-person floor plan so you can get ready for game day, watch movies, and have dinner parties? Are you a career-focused gym rat that needs a 24-hour gym and a one-bedroom apartment?

Find out what you want and then consider how these will affect the budget you set. Living closer to campus will be the more expensive. But, if you live with more roommates, your share of the rent will be more affordable. Nicer amenities, like a top-quality gym, is common among student communities, but will also add to the rent.

Search Based On Your Preferences

Once you have a budget and an idea of what you're looking for, head of to to search through all the best UGA off-campus housing options. Here you can customize you search to find an apartment that works for your preferences. Search by the apartment for overall pricing or by-the-room to see what your share of the rent will be. Filter by min and max budget and desired number of bedrooms. If you're looking to be close to campus, select 10 minutes, the walk icon, and input your UGA address to see apartments in your desired area. Find even more filters for apartment amenities, pets, transportation, furnishing and more. Use the map to click on your options or the left sidebar. Do your research on the communities by reading detailed descriptions, looking through photos, and checking out floor plan options. Try to narrow down your options to under five and then you can move on to the next step.

Now that you have your favorites, you can check the availability of your desired floor plan from the listing on Apartments For Athens. If you're ready to see the place in person, go ahead and click "schedule a tour" to meet with the leasing team. Or just pick up your phone and give the property a call and get any additional questions you have answered.

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