What are some helpful things to know as a first-time UGA off-campus housing renter?

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Most of the time, when you are living somewhere new, you learn new tricks and life lessons along the way. Some lessons are tougher to learn than others and knowing them ahead of time can save future hassle and frustration. If you are living in a UGA off-campus rental for the first time, there are quite a few things to consider before settling down and getting comfortable.

For instance, traffic conditions during the day, typical gas prices, weather complications, transportation services nearby, and deciding to cook for yourself or eat out are all things you will have to experience and decide on when living away from the UGA campus.

When you live in a dorm, most of these aspects are built-in. For example, most freshmen choose not to have a car when living so close to their classes. A meal plan on campus, no gas expenses, no traffic issues, and most amenities being accessible by foot are all things that are rare to find when living on the outskirts of campus in apartments near UGA.

Pay Attention to Traffic Patterns Near Athens Apartments

One of the most hectic parts of being off campus is having to use a car to get everywhere. Whether you need gas, need to go to class, need to buy groceries, or want to spend time with friends, you need a car to do so (most of the time). Carpooling with people you met through roommate-matching can make this easier, but chances are they will have some scheduled appointments that won't always align with yours.

Instead, maybe utilizing the Athens Transit services in your area can take the stress out of getting to and from where you need to go. If having a car is the only option, driving around enough times and monitoring traffic conditions online will allow you to understand when is the best time to be on the road.

Monitor Typical Weather Conditions

Something as simple as logging into a weather app on your phone or another mobile device can help you plan accordingly for events of the day. For example, if you know you have sports practice near UGA apartments or have an important meeting for an internship or job, it's always best to dress correctly and see if events are canceled or postponed due to weather concerns in the area.

Decide on a Personalized Meal Plan For Yourself

All universities and colleges across the state offer meal plan options for their students regardless of if they live on or off campus. If you want to save gas and don't plan on cooking for yourself or going to restaurants for food, eating while you are near campus is a great solution.

Some downsides of this option, however, include not having control over food options, only being able to eat when the dining halls on campus are open, and dealing with parking on campus. Deciding what is best for your schedule and lifestyle is the best way to prepare for these conditions.

Consider Gas Prices Near UGA Off-Campus Housing

When living in off-campus with a personal vehicle, gas expenses are the biggest downside of not being able to walk to most places for things you need. Also, gas prices rise and fall near Athens apartments depending on storm warnings and the economy.

Using the online and mobile app, GasBuddy is an important insider college student secret. You can look for gas stations in the area and monitor prices and gas availability, ensuring that you get the best price and guaranteed gas anytime you need it.

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