How do I get a parking spot at UGA?

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Take the bus from the Lodge at Athens to class to avoid all of the UGA parking stress.

Parking at UGA

Trying to find a parking spot at the University of Georgia can be difficult. While there are spots all over campus, trying to get one that is a good location for you makes it even more difficult. UGA assigns parking in three rounds in July and into August. As a rule, undergraduate residents usually have an easier time getting a spot than commuters do. Most of UGA's lots are permit based, so you can't just park and pay in them. All the decks and spots that you don't need a permit for will be full by 10 a.m. on most days.

Parking Registration

When you are registering for parking, you want to try to do it as early as possible. UGA will send an email when it opens for the next school year, typically in April. In this registration, you pick five of the best areas for you to put on your waitlist. Then, when they assign parking in July, hopefully, you get one of those spots. During this time, you need to keep checking your UGA email. If you do get assigned a spot, you still need to accept it within a few days, otherwise, they will assign it to someone else. If you get all the way through and don't get a spot, call parking services immediately. There is a chance they can still offer you a spot, even though it might not be what you wanted.

Parking Decks

Some of the main parking decks are Tate Deck, Hull St. Deck, South Campus Deck, North Deck, and East Campus Deck. Tate Deck, which is on Lumpkin St., is a walkable distance to Tate Student Center, MLC, and Terry College of Business. The Tate Deck is paid by the hour only, and since it is close to the main parts of campus, it gets full early in the morning. The rest of the decks have permit parking as well as pay by the hour. These might have more of a chance of having spots during the afternoon. Some decks will become free after a certain time, so check the UGA parking website for the specific times for each deck.

Park & Ride

If you are a commuter from your Athens apartment, finding a parking spot can be difficult. Most of the lots that are close to the dorms and dining halls go to residents. If you have a hard time getting a spot, you might want to consider Park & Ride. This is where you park in a lot on East Campus, and a UGA bus will pick people up every fifteen minutes to bring them to the main campus. Park & Ride cost $10 a month, which is a good price for parking. This will add more time to your commute but can be worth it!

Living in an apartment near UGA can also be a solution to your parking issue. Walk to class and save yourself the stress.

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