What's the difference between subletting and reletting my Athens apartment?

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Studying abroad? Consider subletting or reletting.

If you're familiar with renting apartments, then it's likely that you've heard of the term subletting. But in case you haven't, subletting is when a tenant allows someone else to rent out a room or the entire apartment for a period of time within their lease. In addition to subletting, there is also what is known as "reletting." The two are similar, but ultimately different, and I'll be explaining those differences in addition to the pros and cons of each.

What is Subletting?

As briefly mentioned above, subletting allows a new renter to rent out your Athens apartment for a period of time during your lease agreement. The new renter–also known as a subtenant–will now be responsible for paying the rent and bills that come with the space. Athens renters may choose to sublet their apartment to someone if they're planning on leaving for a period of time and returning, or because they want to move out of the apartment before the lease is up and don't want to be stuck with the expenses. As a University of Georgia student, this can be an appealing option if you're planning on spending a semester abroad, or if you're graduating before your lease is up. However, subletting also means that your name will still be on the lease, and you will be held responsible for any damages or missed rent payments caused by the subtenant; so, it's very important to ensure that the person you choose to sublet is a reliable and trustworthy person.

What is Reletting?

Reletting refers to when a tenant voids their lease agreement entirely and allows a new tenant to move in. In contrast to subletting, you will no longer have any contractual obligations in regard to the Athens apartment, as the new renter will be signing an entirely new lease. Reletting is a good option if you experience any sudden changes that require you to move immediately (like a new job or family situation). In the event that you're unable to find someone to sublet your apartment, reletting might be the next best option for you if you're trying to get out of your lease early. A potential downside to reletting your apartment could be the fee or charge that you might have to pay. Different UGA apartments have different rules for reletting, so it's a good idea to contact your landlord for information on that.

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